3096 Days

2013 "The story of Natasha Kampusch"
3096 Days
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A young Austrian girl is kidnapped and held in captivity for eight years. Based on the real-life case of Natascha Kampusch.

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Dorveille I came to this movie having read Natascha Kampusch's book of the same name, and watched a documentary about the case.In it's favour the events depicted in the film are pretty accurate to how they were described in the book. Wolfgang Přiklopil's house and the cell he built are close to how they really were. But is authenticity enough to make this a good movie? Well, not really. The film feels very flat, there is very little sense of tension or drama, it's just a plodding retelling of the events.Thure Lindhardt and Antonia Campbell-Hughes are fine in the roles of Přiklopil and Kampusch. However, some of the other actors are less successful, and it seems as though some of their voices have been re- dubbed?The main problem with the film is its lack of insight. The film barely explored Kampusch's inner thoughts during the experience, the coping strategies that allowed her to endure the ordeal. And what of Přiklopil? We know nothing really about him, what drove him to do what he did? What happened to him to make him the way he was?The relationship that developed between Kampusch and Přiklopil was complex. She never lost sight that a crime was being committed and that she had to escape, but she also came to sympathise with him, seeing him as a damaged human being.Some have said this story shouldn't have been filmed. I don't agree - but I do think it needed to be handled in a different way. Kampusch's story is an extraordinary one, and it really deserved a film that could do it justice.If you want the full story of what happened, read the book instead.
kosmasp You wonder sometimes if everything has to be made into a movie. And how you'd be showing this. This is based on a real case and it doesn't make the viewing any better because of it. Which might be considered a good thing for some or a real bad thing for others. The actors are doing their best to get the best out of the situation.If you know what happened (the title being a clue here, especially because you get time reminders every other scene), the question is, do you want to watch this? Is this something that is inspirational or just plain awful? I really couldn't see the point in it all, a book or a really good article would be more than enough.
Reno Rangan The movie based on the true story of Austrian woman Natascha Kampusch. At the age of ten she was abducted by an unemployed young man called Wolfgang Priklopil and kept her in a secret cellar for the 8 long years. Warning, this movie is not suitable for everyone because the movie had many disturbing, nude scenes. It was harsh true but raw for a movie and I am happy they made this.It's easy to find the errors on the technical aspect and the flaws of the movie but when you think of it from the girl's perspective it is totally shocking and long incident that everyone never dreamt about. So there's no point in pointing the mistakes because you are not watching it for an entertaining but to know the bitter truth, right? Natascha Kampusch was a normal young Austrian girl, she did not try any heroic endeavoring during her captivity but her bravery attempt at the end of the movie made her free from the slavery. As you see the title you will come to know almost everything about the movie even the end twist as well not complicated as one you think but when you watch the movie it tells the way it really happened.As a kidnapper, Wolfgang Priklopil was a smarter and sharper enough. He read the girl's character and behaviour perfectly, he tried to give her freedom within the border he marked and also tortured her to make believe she's in his command. But his overconfident led him to the disaster from his perspective. In the end, good always wins over evil.Antonia Campbell-Hughes was excellent as Natascha Kampusch and so the little version of her. I heard that she lost lots of weight for the role, I guess it's her best performance till now from those I have seen.Remember you won't watch it for enjoy the moment, it was those movies like 'Trade' and 'Garden of the Night' that will remind you about the real pervert co-existed in our society. As per me it is a must see movie but you should keep it in your mind like I said it was a little disturbing for its adult contents.8/10
Paul Magne Haakonsen As awful and gruesome as the actual story of Natascha Kampusch was and is, then having seen this movie, I must admit that I sit here with a somewhat foul taste in my mouth. Parts of me are appalled that this was actually turned into a movie - and whether it be for telling her story or making a profit matters not - then there is no particular need to put sick stories like this on the movie screen. So what is next a movie about Josef Fritzl?The story was directed and told nicely enough, but still not really something that the world of cinema needed to have added to its vault. However, all throughout the movie, there was just something profound lacking from the story to really portray that Natascha was being kept against her will - it just wasn't there, so whether it was a flaw on the directing or the acting, I have no idea.One thing that always puzzles me is why they don't make these kind of movies in the appropriate language according to where they take place? It was really discrediting to the story that people were speaking British English throughout the entire movie.Thure Lindhardt, playing Wolfgang Priklopil, was the one carrying this movie by all means. He put on a great performance, but towards the end it turned a bit tedious."3096 Days" (or "3096 Tage") is a slow paced movie that deals with a rather horrible story. And we all have different opinions about such matters, and mine is that it is really distasteful to cash in on horrible events such as this. I can understand why Nastascha Kampusch would write the book that she did to help deal with what she went through, but this movie was entirely unnecessary and shouldn't have seen the light of day.