Alpha and Omega

2010 "A Pawsome 3D Adventure."
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Two young wolves at opposite ends of their pack's social order are thrown together into a foreign land and need each other to return home, but love complicates everything.

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Kylie Wooten I really hope the directors know this is an amazing series and i'm gonna be sad when it ends :( i love wolves and wolf packs and all those kinds of movies and i watch it on Netflix all the time! i just love it! I've seen lots of people say this series is really bad but its a very good series for my opinion, i just love the plot and the voice actors match perfectly, and the design of the characters and background is excellent! and the jokes on this movie and the others are pretty funny too, i'm planning to show this movie to more people cause this movie is great and really needs more views, if the directors see this review, i hope they know their work is great and its an amazing series and i hope it lasts for as long as it can! i love it!
jhilton0907 OK, here is my review to Alpha and Omega, one of my favorite movies. The first time I saw the trailer to this, I wanted to see this, and I;m glad I did. It was a really enjoyable movie. I liked the animation, I loved the actors, I loved the score to the movie, and even though the storyline was predictable, I like the storyline.First off, the storyline... now I'm not picky about the storyline, as long as it is good, and this had a good storyline. A bit predictable but overall a good story. The main Omega wolf, Humphrey is a great representation of a normal guy who has a crush on the pretty girl, who happens to be Kate, the main Alpha wolf in the movie. Kate and Humphrey is my favorite couple when it comes to movies. They are perfect for each other and even though this movie left a lot of plot holes, the entire movie was great. Who cares f this doesn't show what an actually pack looks like. The directors did a good job making this movie, so cut them so slack, they may not had enough money to give us a Lion King movie or even a Rio movie, but who cares... they made a good movie and I'm happy with that.Second, the actors... I loved every one of them. Justin Long, one of my favorite actors, was the perfect actor for Humphrey. He made me love him even more and Justin is the kind of actor that can make any character he does, lovable, so a round of applause for him. Hayden Panettiere, one of my favorite actresses and the perfect voice for Kate. It matches her perfectly and she brought Kate to life in more ways than ever. Kate Higgins who covers for Kate in the sequel does a good job but she is no Hayden... Hayden brought Kate to life. The same goes for Ben Diskin who covers for Humphrey in the sequel, he does a good job and sound just like Justin, but his performance was at least close to Justin. Then we have the sweet beautiful Christina Ricci as the shy beautiful Lilly. This right here is an perfect example of finding the perfect actress to provide the voice of a female character. Even though Lilly did not have as much screen time as Kate, Ricci made Lilly a very lovable character. Then we got Danny Glover as Winston and the legendary Dennis Hopper in his final movie as Tony. We also have Vicki Lewis who you may know from Finding Nemo as Deb/Flo and from the movie, Godzilla with Mathew Broderick. Lewis provides the voice of Eve who gives us a new look at the term overprotective.Thirdly, the score is amazing and from a composer I never heard of until now, Chris Bacon.The music to this movie is outstanding and really adds to the emotions in this movie. My favorite is the Love Train track, in which Humphrey howls with Kate on a train... it's a beautiful howl and makes you want to love wolves. Any lover of animals will love this feature, especially wolf lovers like myself. If you love soundtracks, then listen to this, because the soundtrack is amazing.Fourth, the animation... could be better but then again, seen a whole lot worse than this so we shouldn't complain here. Every movie will have their flaws, and to me, this is one of this movie's flaws. The animation could have been better but then again, the storyline could be better, too. The animators did a fantastic job on the main characters like Kate and Humphrey. Advice to the makers, You guys did an amazing job on this movie. You made an enjoyable movie and great choices on the cast. You also did a good job on the storyline. But the storyline needs working on, you left many questions unanswered like what happened to Humphrey's parents? Where is Garth's mother? How did Humphrey and Kate meet? Were they friends since birth or did they accidentally meet somewhere before the beginning? So, if you were to make another movie, make sure that the storyline improves a bit. But overall, great job and I really enjoyed your movie.Overall, I give this movie 10 out of 10 stars. Even though there are flaws in this movie and the storyline is a bit predictable, I really enjoyed this movie and liked the sequels. The sequels could be better but they could be so much worse. I highly suggest watching them if you enjoyed this movie. Any animated movie or animal lover should at least watch this movie. To me, it's worth it and a great movie for kids to watch but I suggest this movie to kids ages 8 or up. This movie has some themes that aren't appropriate for younger kids. If you feel your kids are comfortable for these themes, then they can watch it but I suggest only kids 8 or older to watch this.
Angels_Review As anyone around me can tell you, I love wolves (hence my name, Angel Wolf) and so when I heard about this movie coming out, I was dieing to go see it. It's like a Romeo and Juliet story of two lovers separated by class. One is from a high class and the other is of the lower class but each one has there strengths.I fell in love with pretty much all the characters from the charismatic Kate to the very shy character Lilly. I couldn't stop thinking about how Lilly reminds me of me a bit. She's quiet mostly and hides in the shadows like myself. Even though I'm loud online with my opinion, if you see me in real life, I'm quiet and in the background of a lot of parties. I'm really just a wallflower when it comes right down to it. Her character really spoke to me for the small time it was up on screen. I'm not so fond of Kate and Lily's mom much. She just seems like a rather quiet, yet harsh character who controls the pack threw her husband. Her husband might not actually do all that she says, but she has a very harsh concept of justice. There are times she has a right to say what she says but then other times it just feels like they pushed her character to an extreme.The animation is rather beautiful, everything pretty much working together. Some textures seem slightly more detailed then they should be but that's all a matter of taste since it doesn't mess up the over all picture. Rock textures are really hard to get right anyway without making them overly bumpy. The rest seem really nice with a larger look at the fur textures. I love how they made the fur into hair up on top of their heads and styled it depending on what personality the character had. For example, Lilly is a very shy girl and so her hair cut is over her eyes a bit and makes her look rather quite while her sister Kate has a rough cut hair that makes her more like a tomboy type with a girly side. Humphrey is a rather easy going personality so his haircut is sort of a messy thrown together look while Garth is more of trying to be smooth jock type so he has a bit of a curl in his face while the rest is slicked back. It makes it a bit easy to pick out who the characters are when the fur is so similar.The voices are really nice, well, except for Garth's howl that sounds like a dieing animal. But that's really what they were going for from what I got. The spin they did on all the howls reminded me a little of what they did in 'Happy Feet' since one of the characters couldn't make the right sound as well and how all the others had there own style of howling like singing. If you have ever listened to a wolf howl, you will understand what I mean when I say that a wolf has many different emotions they can convey as they howl. If there is a lone wolf howling, his howl may sound a bit sad compared to if he is howling with a group. Same for if it loses someone special against finding the mate he has been looking for. They use their howl to show all these and more so I wish we had even more of the howling aspect. He comes out alright in the end but its how he did that that made me like his story. Though the dialog was a bit rough in some aspects, the over-lining meaning was as clear as day making it so much better.
scamp4553 When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I was sold on it basically because I am a fan of animated dog/wolf movies, and I thought this would be another one of those movies. And I was correct. The reason Alpha and Omega has a negative reputation amongst critics is because most critics would rather watch movies that aren't animated comedies. But, being a guy who is open-minded most of the time, I don't just judge movies based on what they are. And with that said, I loved this movie.There are a few things about it that are disappointing, but those things are very VERY minor when you consider how well the plot is executed. It's a very basic plot reminiscent of Homeward Bound crossed with Balto and Lady and the Tramp 2, but it's played out well and mostly avoids being just another CGI rehash movie. The humor is also well executed, too, as the movie relies on unintentional prat falls and tasteful innuendos and bathroom jokes that actually have context. But, where this movie really shines is the character development. Kate and Humphrey have fantastic charisma that is no different than the main characters of Lady and the Tramp 2 and The Lion King, and we really get to know a lot about these characters and feel for them as the movie goes on. My personal favorite character is Lilly. This character is a really sweet character who is at first shy, but gains confidence once she starts hanging with Garth, whom she instantly falls for. Not to mention the voice acting is very well done, especially from Justin Long and Christina Ricci.So, if there is anything out there that children should be watching, it's Alpha and Omega. Sadly, Alpha and Omega isn't as a popular name as something like Lion King, but as a movie, it sure has the audacity to be as good. I recommend this movie highly.