Black Mirror: USS Callister

Black Mirror: USS Callister
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Released: 29 December 2017 Released
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asdfadsjoi This was a good episode. Enjoyable, liked the main character, and it's well shot. A little devoid of emotion though.
mrstrangerjones I was really dreading this episode of "Black Mirror". I thought this was going to tank the entire 4th season. So I was extremely surprised to say that this is one of my favorite episodes of the entire series.I'm dead serious. This is a fantastic episode.I really like this episode's venture into dark comedy, while most of the other episodes are more disturbing. Don't get me wrong, this still has the dark and disturbing feeling of most other episodes, but it also has that humorous feeling which most others lack.I really enjoyed the performance from Jesse Plemons (Fargo). He was a character that I actually felt bad for, but then he actually showed the audience his true colors in an extremely good performance.Lastly, I also enjoyed the Star Trek feel of the episode. Of course, this was highly intentional, and it absolutely worked. This is probably this most overtly sci-fi episode of the show, and it was a surprisingly good gamble to take.Overall, "USS Callister" is a fantastic episode, and completely exceeded my expectations (which were pretty low to begin with).
pronto1966 Some episodes of black mirror are very dark. This one has some dark undertones, but it's also fun too. As someone who's interested the real world dev of futurism and artificial reality, I found the concept of this cool. The story is interesting, a bit quirky, lots of tension, with a few cynical nods to the corporate structure of the tech world.And for someone who grew up watching all the old reruns of Original Star Trek, this one was a real treat.
mertuslum-794-668763 People shouldnt waste time with these garbage. A total waste of time. Terrible acting terrible story. I wonder why they needed to film this. I never wrote any comme t before but this was so terrible that i couldnt help myself.