Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love
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Released: 24 April 2015 Released
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West Philadelphia basketball star Sergio Taylor deals with the pressures of fame while his brother and sister have their own issues with ambition.

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myagalloway I have watched this movie about a million times, Its so good. Sequel Needed. Please make a sequel I love this movie so much and I need more. This movie makes me so emotionally and is what real life is about. And what goes on in real life. But it is such a good movie. I recommended this movie for any one every one. I mean please please please make a sequel. I feel like I got left hanging. Or can you you do a sequel with a different end where he doesn't give in and shoot him. I mean you do know how much it would mean to have another one like this is the best movie I have ever watched to be honest. Nothing can catch up to this. Not even Love and Basketball.
Sarita Walker I came across Brotherly Love on Netflix. It had almost five stars, so I thought why not. I don't know why I readied myself to be disappointed, but to my surprise this movie hit to heart. Here you have a family, one brother who is a basketball genius, a sister who wants to go to music school, and a reckless brother in the gang life. Let's not forget the drugged mother, missing father, and forbidden romance between Jackie( Keke Palmer) and Chris (Quincy Brown). Stir all of these characters in a pot and you create a great big mess of issues. I felt this movie was cleverly created and left you hoping that in the end, somehow they would all overcome their triumphs. I flock to movies that keep me rooting for characters, even the bad ones. I give kudos to Director Jamal Hill for creating this movie that will surely reside on my DVD shelf.
philosopherst This is such an amazing film and I seriously can't understand how it only brought in $1.9 million dollars. The story and acting are so real and too close to real everyday life in the streets of Philly. This film captures the reality of the streets, not some phony Hollywood story written by some clueless writer who is just recreating the classic shoot em up drug dealing story we see portrayed over and over. This film has a realness that feels like life a lot of us have seen in the streets of the city, with characters that we all knew and grew up with. And the story's twist and turns, even its mystery's, will keep you on your toes from beginning to ending. This is definitely Corey Hardrict's best portrayal thus far. Jamal Hill did an excellent job on this film, and this just goes to show you how much talent is left undiscovered in Hollywood.
ajbirchett Went to see movie in Detroit because my daughters wrote the lead song "No Love", written by Anesha and Antea Birchett. Even though the last name was spelled wrong for Antea (spelled it Birches :-(( I must say the movie is a must see for younger people (and older adults) growing up today facing the inner city struggles of peer pressure, and things that can "knock you off your square". In fact Parents if you want to score big see it with your kids. I am a job developer in the inner city of Detroit working with young adults referred by the Michigan Dept. of Human Services. I'm hoping to be able to show this movie (as required viewing) to our participants in a workshop. I give it a 10 just because of the unexpected twist that I totally didn't see coming.