1978 "The Night He Came Home!"
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Released: 24 October 1978 Released
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Fifteen years after murdering his sister on Halloween Night 1963, Michael Myers escapes from a mental hospital and returns to the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois to kill again.

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robertgrogan-33042 Greatest Horror movie ever made.. My go-to movie and head and shoulders above other slasher films such as Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm street.
baileygiannini I first saw this classic when I was thirteen years old at my Grandma and Papa's house. It didn't scare me, because I know that all of the storylines are make believe. Today however, I get worried that there's someone like Michael Myers who isn't in a normal mindset and might go on a killing spree. This picture is amazing, it has scares and a simple story that even a ten year old could follow. Everyone should own this film on DVD or Blu-Ray. This is one film that you shouldn't miss. This is just as good as Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 horror film, Psycho, and having Jamie Lee Curtis in the film was an excellent choice by John Carpenter himself, who at first wanted someone else for the roll of Laurie Strode. I also think that the mask that Michael Myers wears is terrifying and that Irwin Yablans was indeed completely wrong about it not be scary, as he shared on the Halloween (1978) documentary, which is now available to watch on YouTube. The film has a great supporting cast and a great teamwork ethic by bringing in Debra Hill to colloberate with him on the film. I think that Moustapha Akkad should've been more supportive about the film. $300,000.00 today is extremely expensive. I don't see why even back then you couldn't have made a simple horror film like this one. It's a fantastic film, the style and the look of the film, even when the opening titles play on the screen in the beginning, sets the tone for an amazing horror film. Sadly after Halloween II in 1981 it all went down hill and everything was just to make money. I am hoping that horror fans will help end this franchise this Halloween with the new Halloween film coming out (October of 2018) For and from overall rating I give Halloween (1978) A BOMBING 10 STARSWHAT AN AMAZING FILM!
cheighlee Without a doubt, original Halloween was and still is one of the hallmarks of horror film. It set a certain standard that movies even to this day try to achieve.Perfect mix of a simple plot, not to long runtime, yet effective in all with a terrific villain.While you can nitpick any movie, this one included, but because of it's strenghts, you mostly don't want or need to. Yes, acting is a bit cheesy, but who cares. Yes, Loomis is a bit over the top whenever he speaks, but who cares. It just adds flavor to the whole mix mentioned above.One of the best descriptions of this movie and Michael Myers actually came from first Scream movie, where main villains simply explain why Michael Myers is so perfect as a villain. There's no "why", he just does what he does because he can and we are not given any explanation or a sob story about "why". And that's what makes it scary.Shot with a "visual purpose", a memorable haunting score and THE atmosphere that's been copied since, Halloween is one of the horror movie classics for the ages.
DerekB Halloween is easily one of the most influential and recognizable horror movies ever made. Even people who are largely unfamiliar with horror genre will likely still be able to identify the horror cliches that Halloween started, much like Friday the 13th and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The iconic soundtrack and (unique for it's time) scene structure blend together to make a creepy and thrilling atmosphere that most movies can't pull off to this day. The story is may seem cliche now, but it's told supremely well, and adds a lot of suspense. I can't really criticize the predictability of the movie because for it's time, it was really unique. What I feel like I can criticize though is the second act of the movie. It just feels like filler, and nothing of consequence happens. I feel like it was there to add suspense, but being bored while watching a horror film isn't good. The acting is also kind of hit or miss, especially with the child actors, but I can look past that for the most part. Any fan of horror should see Halloween, even if it feels a bit dated by today's standards.