Hocus Pocus

1993 "It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus."
6.9| 1h36m| PG| en| More Info
Released: 16 July 1993 Released
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After 300 years of slumber, three sister witches are accidentally resurrected in Salem on Halloween night, and it is up to three kids and their newfound feline friend to put an end to the witches' reign of terror once and for all.

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joshminch This movie features one of the best Binx(ks) in all of cinema. THe cat. I love cats. It made my nephew really sad the MULTIPLE times the cat dies in this movie. Be warned parents!!! Not for the faint of heart. Anyway, it wouldn't be hard to beat that other binks, JAR JAR...you know who ;) This is a great family film, despite all the cat death. WAtch it with your nephews when hes 8+ is what I learned. Also some parts with the BREASTS may be innaprorpriate. This is an alarmingly sexual film.
kylethesonicexevictim This film is comparable to Amy Schumer and Adam Sandler's careers.The witches each have one character trait, and that's it. The main characters are bland generic 90's children with no personality, the attempts at humor are cringe-worthy and painful, and the series of events are so stupid that I could not even finish this to the end. But first, some story issues: 1. Why did the cat not warn the teenage boy to not light the candle? If he did, the entire movie would not have happened.2. Why did the zombie chase the heroes at the start, but then helped them later? Was it because his mouth was sewn? 3. Why did the cat only talk to guide the heroes and be captain exposition? If he had spoken when they were talking to the parents, I'm pretty sure the parents would have taken them seriously.There are several points in the film where the conflict would have ended if they had spent two seconds thinking before acting irrationally. For example:1. Why didn't they hide the spell-book by burying it or hiding it under some floorboards? Seriously, the witches had to physically look for it, and it only became a beacon when someone physically opened it.2. Why did they open the spell-book immediately instead of waiting until morning? "I know we're dealing with witches and who knows if we actually killed them, but let's just learn about black magic, I'm kind of curious." 3. Why didn't they surround themselves with salt as soon as they found out they could do that? Again, They take no precautions and act like they're invincible.4 Why did the teenage boy drink the life-stealing potion instead of offering to the witch, waiting till she was low enough, then jumping up, grabbing his sister, throwing the vile to the ground, and playing tug-of-war until sunrise? The "jokes" are about as forced as a crap. First, nearly all of them are written so the film can get a PG rating so the film can look "cool and adult," and as a result, you've got:immature and uncomfortable sexual innuendoimmature and uncomfortable usage of "damn" and "hell" and so on. Each one is so awkward and contrived that it feels like I'm watching a High-School production. The acting is laughable. Ever see an amateur production of Hamlet? That's the witches' performances. Ever seen awful child actors before? That's the heroes' performances.All in all, pretty pathetic. There's also some awful green screen and stupid scenes before the conflict actually starts, but I won't delve into that.If you're the kind of person that doesn't switch off their brain while watching a movie, I'd suggest you avoid this like the plague.2/10
Kim Jong It was difficult being in front of this movie. I am particularly nauseated by the reviewers of who claim "it's the hit of the Fall season". These people are paid reviewers with no pride. Without being insulting, I would say it's an OK movie for up to 12 yr olds. 28 million budget? Maybe 28,000. On second though, they had to pay for the "big-Stars". Actually, there was something positive about this movie....it actually made Sarah Jessica Parker look attractive in her makeup and costume although you could still tell it was her. There's a clue in this movie why Americans are dumbed-down and why someone like Trump is able to compete for the presidency.
jfgibson73 I didn't like this movie at all. It felt more like an episode of Power Rangers than a Halloween classic. One problem I have with most of the Disney Channel movies is that they follow a very small group of characters around, trying to deal with whatever problem for just long enough to fill a feature length running time. They end up feeling very insular and formulaic, like the Hardy Boys mysteries that all had about the same number of pages in them. Hocus Pocus had a few good ideas, but no one was interested in developing the story further than a basic repetitive chase sequence. The performances were terrible. The three leads--the witch sisters-- should have been fun, over-the-top characters, but without the right direction, they didn't find the right tone. It's too embarrassingly silly for anyone over 8, but also a little scary and graphic for very young children--and did they have to mention that the protagonist was a virgin so many times? You make a movie that's too stupid for almost any age, then throw in concepts that are inappropriate for your already limited audience? Disney's main feature studios are extremely good at developing scripts that can be enjoyed by all ages, but the other arms of the company just seem to churn out junk like this quickly.