Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

1984 "If adventure has a name... it must be Indiana Jones."
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Released: 23 May 1984 Released
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After arriving in India, Indiana Jones is asked by a desperate village to find a mystical stone. He agrees – and stumbles upon a secret cult plotting a terrible plan in the catacombs of an ancient palace.

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wyndorfp This movie was a horrible disappointing follow up to the first movie. Viewed in 1984 and now 14 years later it is one of the most epic fails of sequels. In 1984 I was pretty sure it stunk in 2018 I'm one thousand percent sure it stinks. Spielberg failed this one and I'm sure he would agree.
Samuel-Shovel While "The Temple of Doom" may not be quite as good as its predecessor or successor, as far as big budget summer blockbusters go, this one's a lot of fun!After escaping from China and crash-landing in India, Indiana Jones and a few tag-alongs must retrieve a sacred stone from an ancient temple and return it to a small village in order to right the forces of good and evil. Easier said than done.I'll start with the good stuff: this movie is nonstop action! Everything in this movie is full of tension and suspense. From the first 15 minutes onward, this movie really picks up steam and continues to roll down the tracks with no brakes until we hit the credits. In that respect, it's everything you want in an adventure movie.I also have to credit the set design. These settings are lush and detailed and absolutely breath-taking. Spielberg knows how to do 'big' movies like this and he doesn't disappoint from the optical perspective. I'll add that the score is timeless and puts a smile on my face every time I hear it.But I also understand why some are not huge fans of this movie. The obvious issues with this movie are related to the supporting cast. In "Raiders" we got great performances out of Karen Allen and John Rhys-Davies. In "Temple" we get... Kate Capshaw. She is absolutely unbearable in this movie as the screaming, helpless, ditsy blonde. I'm sure Miss Capshaw is a fine person and a fine actress but this character is the worst! 90% of her lines involve her screaming in fright or anger. She has no redeeming qualities, even up to the bitter end.Only slightly more bearable is Short Round played by Jonathan Ke Quan. His character may have been charming and funny back in the day but I just don't care for him really at all in this. He's annoying and took me out of a few scenes in this one.This movie also somehow manages to be both campy and darker than the first one. It seems as if Spielberg and Lucas had differing ideas on which direction to take the franchise because it almost looks like they tried to do both. There's more slapstick and silly humor in this one but there's also more torture and violence. These combine to make a real weird atmosphere from scene to scene. The finished product has a sense of duality to it.Despite this movie's shortcomings, it's still a really fun ride and the 2 hours fly by as you sit there eyes wide with a smile on your face watching Indie globetrot around the world.
pphjmkb02 Worst movie of the series. Disgusting / horror movie. You do not want to watch it unless you want to have nightmares. Instead of having a story, they make you look at disgusting things happening in every scene (eating snakes, drinking human blood).Terrible and bad movie.
one-nine-eighty Dr Henry 'Indiana' Jones is back - albeit in a sequel that acts as a prequel! It's 1935, teaming up with a club singer called 'Willie' and a twelve year old boy (Short Round) after a deal gone wrong Indiana tries to uncover the secrets of, and escape the temple of Doom. Queue another great and epic adventure filled with excitement, action, thrills, spills, laughs and a bit of romance too. Again directed by Spielberg with a John Williams score the audience is treated to a thrill a minute. I'd suggest that the pace of this film is sharper than "Raiders of the Lost Arc", and the content a tiny bit darker too, especially towards the end when it looks like Indy has turned heel. Censors at the time used this movie to bring out the PG-13 classification because it was a little too dark for young children. It's still really enjoyable though and modern audiences wouldn't bat an eye lid at the content on screen. While it's not the favorite Indy film for some reviewers it's still amongst the best adventure movies ever made and is as good today as it was at release. Perhaps the negative reviewers expected too much when in fact the film was still trying to establish the archaeologist turned adventurer to the masses by telling a back story. OK, so some elements of the film live out stereotypes which by today's standards could be misconstrued as sexist or racist, but rather than look for meaning that deep just view it as a comic adventure like it's supposed to be. The film isn't a critique about skin colour, gender, or greed, it's a start to finish adventure straight from the pages of a childlike and innocent mind.If you want to watch a fun movie then you need look no further. Close the curtains, get the popcorn ready, crank up the volume and enjoy a fantastic movie which will entertain and thrill from start to finish!