Iron Man 3

2013 "Unleash the power behind the armor."
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When Tony Stark's world is torn apart by a formidable terrorist called the Mandarin, he starts an odyssey of rebuilding and retribution.

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yaxleycratler Not bad at all. Tony is still dealing with the effects of the Manhattan battle through PTSD and fights it throughout the movie like his own personal demon. The bad guys exploding with Extremis I thought was kind of cool, but they only exploded when necessary to advance the plot, if they a had done that to Tony whenever they saw him there would be no movie. Maya Hansen was a useless character throughout the movie. The Mandarin was super cool up until he was some British actor, I thought it was kind of disappointing, but then Killian was the Mandarin just didn't make sense. Guy Pearce was also a good villain despite what they made him into. The scene where Tony saved everyone from falling out of the plane was cool and the ending fight scene with all the Iron Man suits was pure awesomeness. I liked the movie a lot despite some of its problems, it is still a worthy movie.
Johnny H. The Iron Man films are like pizza: even if the product itself isn't as good as the last one you had you get a full-belly's worth of nourishment and satisfaction all the same. Marvel manages to make decent movie after decent movie almost with all-too-much precision. They have a working formula of 'hero being more interesting than the villain' and unfortunately Killian is simply too un-compelling a villain to be invested in; he's there because he's played by Guy Pearce. With that said, Robert Downy Jr. gets time to shine as a desperate Tony Stark who has to take on baddies without his iconic suit.Iron Man Three is not the best of the MCU films but it's still a good action film nonetheless.
hakrames Iron Man 3 (Three), follows Tony Stark after the events of The Avengers and the effects that have come from it and the people around him too. With him having borderline PTSD and a new villain that has an odd connection to Tony in more ways than he would ever want.Iron Man 3 is the first film in the trilogy to not be directed by Jon Favreau but still include him as the memorable and lovable Happy. But instead of Favreau, Legendary writer and director Shane Black takes over with being silent for nearly a decade of not working on any films to break out again with the biggest solo film yet. Black directed the hell out of this third installment and yes there is a tone change from two to three but the barebones of the series are still their with a new and original story and a whole hell of a lot of amazing action sequences. And with Black building a lot of the sets and doing a lot of the stunts in real life instead of digitally adding it in makes this film feel real. Writing wise, the film is overall extremely good, one major piece of the film I didn't like too much but the overall film is very enjoyable and fantastically written as well. Robert Downey Jr. hasn't felt more comical or broken, depending on what way you look at him, with the fantastic writing of his character. Each character in the film has a sense of comedy in a lot better ways than they did back in Iron Man 2 and it makes the film feel a lot more light hearted and more fun as well. And with the physical comedy like Mark-42 and his imperfect quirks in the film with him being a prototype suit makes the film feel real showing a fractured Tony that isn't at 100% and is almost caught off guard in every scene. My biggest issue is during the third act the 'villain' comes off very awkwardly and somewhat upsets me with his write off and destruction of the iconic comic book antagonist. The acting is amazing though with Guy Pearce and Sir Ben Kingsley joining the cast and making some memorable performances throughout out. Obviously Downey Jr., kills it with such a different look at his iconic Tony Stark with him being broken and knocked down from The Avengers and his personal ties in this film. Cheadle also is great with his best performance in the series yet in this film with his dialogue feeling more smoothed out than in Iron Man 2. And of course my favorite performance done by Pearce is haunting and definitely makes a huge impact on the series and shows that the MCU can make a good villain in a stand alone film. With one flaw that is pretty big, this film is great in a lot of other ways and makes the perfect end to a great trilogy. Iron Man 3 gets an 8.75/10
DCfan I am sorry guys but I personally think Iron Man 3 isn't as good as the other Iron Man movies. In Fact it is probably the weakest in the whole of the MCU film series.The movie as a whole just felt boring even my uncle who I went to see it with wasn't too proud. For example when pepper is about to fall to her death in an area filled with fire but Tony doesn't catch her in time. My question is how did she survive that? The goods to come out of this movie was the different armors of Iron Man.You are welcome to watch this movie since you need to watch them in order but in my opinion this isn't as good and you might be disappointed.