Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

2018 "The park is gone."
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Released: 06 June 2018 Released
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Three years after the demise of Jurassic World, a volcanic eruption threatens the remaining dinosaurs on Isla Nublar. So, Claire Dearing recruits Owen Grady to help prevent the extinction of the dinosaurs once again.

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oaklandsorganics I couldn't watch it all, so predictable with no interesting storyline. Seriously wonder about people who enjoy that and say it's a great film, it's not end of. Avoid!!
ironhorse_iv The original 1993 movie "Jurassic Park', based off, author, Michael Crichton's 1990 novel of the same name, tells the cautionary tale of playing God by cloning extinct animals & its dangers. The story was so well told, that maybe it should had been, a one off thing. After all, how many times, can you honestly, tell the same repetitive story about genetic engineer dinosaurs, before the concept run dry or become a parody of itself!? Well, Universal, haven't scratch the bottom of the barrel, yet. Therefore, they made sequels includes, 1997's 'Lost World: Jurassic Park', 2001's 'Jurassic Park III', 2015's 'Jurassic World' and this one. Unoriginal written by screenwriter, Derek Connolly with help from producer, Colin Trevorrow; the film has the characters from the 2015 reboot, go back to Isla Nublar, in order to save the dinosaurs, from a disaster, only to find out, that the employer, who hired them, have more sinister plans for the creatures. Without spoiling the movie directed by J.A Bayona, too much, the whole idea of dinosaurs being sold as military weapons is just stupid. No military would take that seriously. After all, large war animals would be an economical and logistical nightmare to manage, especially when a random enemy soldier could kill it with simpler, cheaper firearms and explosives. They're really not useful in warfare, unless it's for biological diseases, which the film, never mention. Seeing them as weapons is just as absurd as building a theme park on active volcano. While, those scenes were indeed epic & in the original book. I really couldn't buy into the idea that carnivore animals would still hunt, while the entire island is being engulfed. It was really out there, unrealistic. Even if, they are extremely hungry, while, they could, very well, had been, most animal would still behave in a matter of flight during such an intense natural hyperarousal environmental moment. The T-Rex coming for the save was poorly written deus ex machina. The same with the loose science of convection of paralysis, wearing off. The idea that a man can not only survived, being shot by a tranquilizer dart, used to capture large creatures, but also have the strength to outrun, a few minutes later, from a very fast pyroclastic cloud, really took me out of the movie. Don't get me wrong, the director does know how to handle faithful large-scale destruction with gothic horror with confidence; but this story really needs requirement of suspension of disbelief to get through like overlooking the fact that the heroes didn't know about the monster in the basement. I wish, the movie had more build up or crescendo to the action set pieces. Even, mysteries like the whole twist toward, the end, with the kid was badly set up. Revealing it, during an action scene was not the right decision. It was disclose, a little too late. The shocking information did not have room to breathe. The audience couldn't take it all in. No wonder, why the potential emotional climatic decision of letting the dinosaurs live or die didn't seem so genuine. We hardly got to know, any good, grounded reasons for her, allowing those creatures to survive. After all, just a few minutes, earlier, that person was about to get eaten by them. So, the decision seem a bit loose, and made little sense. In truth, I would had love a lot more ambiguous ending, over this downer note. Another problem with this movie is that, it relies too excessively on the past tropes from this franchise. Thus, parts of the story become very recycle, predictable, and paper-thin. Don't get me wrong, I like some of the homages and nods to previous films like, seeing the Brachiosaurus & the rebirth of Site B; as they were emotional and heart-tugging great symbolism of birth and death. However, it's a bad sign if some of these, so-called new supporting characters are starting to seem like cartoon caricature of past characters, a little too much. In truth, none of them are that well-written. Most of them, comes across, as annoying, given their how much, time, the main personnel have to babysit them & the outrageous stuff, they say. If that wasn't bad enough, the acting from these performers are artificial fake. Because of that, these characters will make you wish, they get eaten, as soon as they're introduce. Even the main cast was not that great. Chris Pratt kinda works as Owen Grady, but the movie gave him, little to work with. He felt like a tediously infallible, dead-eyed action figure with hardly any complexity. As for his co-star, Bryce Dallas Howard, she was given less to do, with Claire Dearing. While, Claire wasn't quite a stick-in-the-mud as the last movie. She's inoffensive and unremarkable. Still, it was bit jarring to see her, care for the dinosaurs, now, after exploiting them in the last movie. Shouldn't Claire be in jail? After all, it's pretty much, all her fault that the theme park went into chaos. As for Jeff Goldblum returning as Ian Malcolm. It was just a tease, nothing more. Despite that, the movie still delivers where it ultimately counts: the dinosaurs. The movie has a vast collection of species, appearing on screen. Other redeeming qualities is the fact, that the movie pacing is pretty fast, and straight forward. There weren't hardly any slow moments. Also, it's cool to see that the movie does have more horror elements than the previous film, even if, some of them, seem too unrealistic plan-out like the bedroom sequence. The use of shadows were very well done. Practical effects and CGI are also merged seamlessly here. It was somewhat convincing. This movie also spared no expense with the music. Michael Giacchino's score was fine for what the movie was trying to say with its darker atmosphere. Overall: Regardless of all the faults. I still kinda enjoyed this movie. This is one dinosaur movie, somewhat worth digging for.
luiscool12 Predictable, yes. But we the Jurassic Park lovers loved the scenes they recreated from the old movies and the music. That plus the new tech in movies is just awesome
nikster_uco Man oh man was this a bad movie! Why did any of the principal cast come back? Why didn't someone set this script aflame?The plot is a rehashed version of all the past movies in the franchise with a random *spoiler alert* clone thrown in.The only redeeming factor was the side storyline with the geeky character (yes, I cant even remember character names) which was a little funny.