Little Man

2006 "Big things come in small packages"
Little Man
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After leaving the prison, the dwarf criminal Calvin Sims joins to his moron brother Percy to steal an expensive huge diamond in a jewelry for the mobster Walken. They are chased by the police, and Calvin hides the stone in the purse of the executive Vanessa Edwards, whose husband Darryl Edwards wants to have a baby. Percy convinces Calvin to dress like a baby and be left in front of the Edwards's house to get inside the house and retrieve the diamond. Darryl and Vanessa keep Calvin for the weekend and decide to adopt him, while Walken threatens Darryl to get the stone back.

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FlashCallahan A vertically challenged criminal named Calvin has just stole a precious diamond from a jewellery store along with his dim-witted partner, Percy. The snatch goes awry, and Calvin ends up ditching the diamond by stashing it in a woman named Vanessa's purse. Vanessa Is married to wannabe-dad named Darryl. Calvin must now pose as a young infant in order to retrieve the stolen diamond. However, a simple quick-and-grab turns into a relationship between Calvin and Darryl which offers life lessons like a hammer to the head.The Wayans family output is as hit and miss as you could imagine. There are a few gems in there, but you have to trudge through a load of pap to get to the goodies. I'm Gonna Get You Sucka!, was a tidy homage to the blaxploitation sub-genre, offering plenty of laughs, but referencing its subject with respect. Mo' Money isn't everyone's favourite film, but it's fresh and funny enough to catch it when it's ever on TV. After A Low Down Dirty Shame, their output became more and more smutty, and the scripts relied on bodily fluid gags rather than actual intellectual humour.This is where this film lies.Littleman is another high concept idea that is executed poorly, and once the titular character is transformed into a toddler, the film resorts to racial, toilet, orifice, and competitive dad jokes, and it becomes lethargic very quickly.It's not funny, it verges on offensive, and the racial undertones just don't sit right in what should have been a family film. And there is one bedroom scene that is judged so badly, it ruins the rest of the film.When a Rob Schneider cameo is the best thing about a film, times are a changing for the writers.Scary Movie had a lot to answer for comedies in the noughties, arguable one of the poorest decades for American comedy.At least John Witherspoon is good. Oh, and a Chazz Palminteri plays a mobster for the umpteenth time, in a worthless role.
lamontt1973 This is the second time that I'm aware of that the Wayans Brothers designed a rape scene specifically for a laugh...First there was "Scary Movie 2"...The scene with Tori Spelling and a ghost...And now this film...Let me see if I can understand this...Shawn Wayans plays a very naive husband who has sex with his wife...But the wife is overwhelmed with the fact that she thinks that she had sex with her husband twice, which they didn't...Then the covers are pulled back to reveal that Little Man is in the bed...I don't care whether the wife enjoyed herself or not...She was raped because of not realizing that she was having sex with another person...Rape is Rape...And there is nothing funny about it...What makes me really sad is the fact that that particular scene was given away in the Trailer...And the film still made millions of dollars...Like I said before...Rape is rape...And there is nothing funny about it...Perhaps we should take a good long look at ourselves in the mirror and reexamine our morals...Because people who laugh at this sort of thing should have their heads examined...And that's all there is too it...
xsophietaylorx Little Man really is something off a last resort, I hate that I'm slagging off this film because I really am a fan off the Wayans brothers & co. (Shawn & Marlon Wayans act & Keenen Ivory Wayans directs) however this really is not one of there finest pieces at all! The film is boring in many scenes and just isn't funny and is very unbelievable I mean the doctor doesn't even notice this is a 40 year old man pretending to be a child off less then 2 years I mean the 'kid' has a full set off teeth, a tattoo & a stab scar! Apart from the fact it's so unbelievable it's laughable the film is almost disturbing I mean the 'kid' Calvin is practically morally wrong and almost a pervert I must have laughed about twice but most of the sex jokes really were vulgar and unnecessary. The whole film is just weird that Calvin thought it was OK to actually pretend to be someone's child. Mostly I didn't like this film apart from the occasional laugh. Really is a last resort to watch.
callanvass (Plot) a bumbling fool (Shawn Wayans) winds up taking care of a midget (Marlon Wayans) who just happens to be a notorious criminal. It's as ludicrous as it sounds… What is with comedies these days? Is it me? Am I too picky? I really don't think I am… I'm a guy who enjoyed Disaster Movie, and that's high up in IMDb's bottom 100 list, so it really can't be me. I'm just so tired of abhorrently lazy stuff like this. This movie is filled with unfunny stereotyping, White people acting like they are black and many other unfunny gags. You're telling me that having Marlon Wayans portray a midget brings in almost 60 million at the box office?! It's insulting to one's intelligence and makes me weep for the future. I also don't normally find The Wayans funny in anything. They were good in the first Scary movie, but that's it. I don't remember a whole lot about this movie, and there is probably a reason for that. Final Thoughts: Life is too short to give your hard earned money to these cretins. Say no to the Wayans family!2/10