Man in Red Bandana

2017 "He went up, so others could come down."
Man in Red Bandana
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"Man in Red Bandana" is about Welles Remy Crowther, an extraordinary 9/11 hero. However, how his heroics became known is even more remarkable. Eight months after the disaster, his parents learned about how their son spent his last hour due to an ordinary object ... a red bandana. This revelation dramatically shifts their perspective on their loss. After hearing his remarkable story and how it unfolds, viewers will see how the actions of one man have touched 1,000s. This inspirational segment of the film depicts the unique, diverse and folklore ways that Welles is honored throughout the United States including in art, sports and song. Even President Barack Obama pays homage to this young man in the film. Our uplifting ending culminates in the revelation of a secret about Welles that can only be described as "perfect".

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mmerel Man in Red Bandana a 9/11 movie, is sad at points but leaves you inspired and up-lifted. It's September 11th again. Reliving the day, I can feel the pain in the pit of my stomach rising up. I close my eyes as the movie opens, not wanting to see the plane crashing into the towers. The sounds penetrate my mind and I am back in 2001 in my home. I open my eyes and the story begins to unfold. Welles Remy Crowther, His name rolls around in my mind. I am jolted back to the present. Composed in my seat, I Focus again on the screen as Welles' life unfolds before me. Very soon I see, this is not just another 9/11 story. This is a story of a boy, who becomes a man. This is a story of a day in history where everything aligned, and brought Welles Remy Crowther to his greatest moment. "Man in Red Bandana" is a story of dreams realized, it renews our faith in the human spirit. Everything Welles did up until that day, was in preparation for the rescue that he led on 9/11. The red bandana represents his life. In it was contained all that Welles was and all that he wanted to be. In the red bandana inside his pocket, was the real Welles Crowther. The secret Welles carried was woven into the fiber of his bandana. Welles' message lives on through this Documentary of his life. "Man in Red bandana" teaches us to, "Dream big, set your goals high, work hard and never give up", never stop dreaming. Be who you are. Find your happiness. This is a small film with a really big heart. It is a film, I will never forget. Merel Fisher.
wendylieber Loved this movie and what it stood for. Heroism at it's finest. Wes Crowler didn't have to go back to save others but he did because that's who he was. To be able to share his story must be so comforting in some way to his family and friends that lost this incredible man way too early. During a time when there is some much divisiveness in our world, it's nice to remember that human beings are for the most part loving, amazing, caring individuals. while this movie is centered around 9/11, it's story is so much bigger and something each of us can carry with us in our everyday lives and think of Red Bandanna acts we can do.
newfoundnh This movie is a 10. Man in the red bandanna is a must see for everyone . This documentary brings home the real life people of 911. Welles Remy Crothers was a real life hero and inspiration. He gave his life to help and save others. In This movie get to know and ultimately love the man in the red bandanna. In many ways it tells a different story of 911 the spiderweb of hate and violence is almost left behind by the heroism of Welles. Behind every name at the World Trade Center is a real person and in this movie we get to know not only Welles but his family and the people he saved from the clutches of death. The movie will bring tears to your eyes but it will also inspire you. Ginny Gardner board member and finance chair of the Newton 9/11 memorial
karianne-00917 This is such an inspiring documentary and a must watch for all Americans. My husband was a marine and was deployed often after 9/11. I wanted to find a story for my sons that focused on the heroism, rather than the terrorism. This documentary helps all of us to remember the pure good in our fellow man and how we should strive to live up to the character of Welles every day.