Mean Girls

2004 "Welcome to girl world."
7| 1h37m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: 30 April 2004 Released
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Cady Heron is a hit with The Plastics, the A-list girl clique at her new school, until she makes the mistake of falling for Aaron Samuels, the ex-boyfriend of alpha Plastic Regina George.

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muvi-fan-73 Tone, Script & Story: Mean girl is a story about women who belong to a group flaunting their alpha tag. How cunning they are? It's further described, how a new member is introduced among them. How each of them gets the well deserving lesson for their deeds as the movie progresses. The story of Lindsay along with her crush and with the other friends is quite a treat as well.Direction, Screenplay, Cinematography: The movie just runs for a little over one and half hours yet it covers so much. It is precisely made. The alpha group is a visual treat in itself. Acting: I liked the work of 'other friends' of Lindsay. Others cast were justified as well.Final Verdict: How the girls get the lesson they deserved, how everything falls in place at last, and the speech delivered at last by Lindsay. It was all fabulous. It's worth adding to your collection.
Stephanie-thrasher This is a fun, entertaining classic film that is sexy, hip and full of attitude. I love it. Having said that, reading the many reviews some claim this is realistic or true to the high school culture. I like to know which schools these reviewers attended. It is nothing like my high school! And I don't want them to be like one another. I watch movies for flights of fantasy not for realism (unless it is a documentary)!
aliases-53334 This is one of the best comedies of all time and a rare moment in film history, when a comedy has all the right ingredians and everything sits just right. This film has discovered great talents and has become a cult phenomenon, with its brilliant script and acting ("boo you whore" "that is so fetch"). This movie worked because of Tina Fay's brilliant writing, and how the film does not take itself too seriously, while actually being more realistic and close to home than it should. A classic that stands the test of time, still fresh and relevant 20 years after its making!
fatimaalgoud Mean girls Comedy, tragedy, drama (2004) Mean girls is about a situation that happened in high school where a group of girls bully other people. The movie is based on a book. The film is set in America at a high school in 2004. I love the acting in this film. Lindsey Lohan and Rachel Mcadames and Tina fey were the main characters and Lindsey Lohin plays as the role of Cady . My favorite character is Regina because she was super funny and has good acting skill. This movie can respire a lot of people, specially people who are facing bullying, the movie taught us to never judge a book by its cover, and with confidence you can rock about anything and one of the main morals is don't dumb yourself down for a guy. The movie is so inspiring, I give it 9/10 GO WATCH IT SOON!!!!!!!