Ocean's Eleven

1960 "Just Danny Ocean and his 11 pals."
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Danny Ocean and his gang attempt to rob the five biggest casinos in Las Vegas in one night.

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klheintz Ocean's 11 follows the story of 10 of Danny Ocean's closest friends while they plan the biggest heist Vegas has ever seen. But instead of a summary, I will discuss what I thought the film did right and what I thought it did not do right. I will lean towards what it did not do right as I think the film didn't do the greatest job of making it really feel like a heist filmBut, to start off, I will talk about what it did right. Frank Sinatra as Danny Ocean was a great choice for the time and, with the addition of Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr., this movie has been easily recognizable for the past 50+ years since its release. As this is the first of the "Rat Pack" films, it makes sense that it would be remembered for so long. The film also does a great job of showing Vegas back in the day. I have only ever seen pictures of what the Strip was like back then and I think they did a good job of showcasing the style from that time. From the sets to the costumes, I felt like I was seeing how Vegas used to be without being overwhelmed by the details. The banter between the group was also well done. It gave them backstory and showed that they were all close during their military service, it did feel a little forced sometimes, but overall, I liked the conversations between Sinatra and Martin's characters especially.Now is the time I would like to talk about what I did not like about the film and I apologize if it's a lot but I did not enjoy the film as much as I would have liked to. There is a lot to the story that was unnecessary. Little side stories that added nothing to the film from relationship issues, to poorly explained planning stages, and back to weird character motivation, the movie never quite felt like it knew exactly what it was doing. The Ocean's failing relationship goes nowhere, Harmon's disagreement with the plan is washed away so quickly that it made no sense to even have a scene like that, and the whole execution of the heist being so rushed. Many aspects of the film were poorly executed. Ocean's 11 took way too long building backstory for characters you didn't care for and, what felt like to me, shoehorned in a "bad guy" in the last 20 minutes of the film!The comedy aspect of the film was presented very poorly. Not once did I laugh, or even blow some extra air out of my nose, except during parts that were intended to be serious. I could only shake my head at the strangeness of some of the sequence of the scenes. There were also many jarring shots that felt like the editing in the film was someone pressing the skip button and the flow was broken up when they showed the 5 casinos getting robbed one by one, and then the money being loaded into bags one by one, and then the characters leaving the casinos one by one was just too much of the same. Overall, it was not a film I enjoyed. No likable characters could be forgiven in a movie about criminals but what I can't forgive is the fluctuating motives that don't make sense most of the time, the jarring edits that pull from the movie, and the lengthy repetitive scenes made parts of the film feel like a chore.
jacobs-greenwood Lewis Milestone produced and directed this original (and highly successful) heist picture which featured an all-star cast headlined by the Rat Pack: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop as well as Angie Dickinson and Shirley MacLaine (the latter in an uncredited cameo). Its screenplay was written by Harry Brown and Charles Lederer from a story by George Clayton Johnson and Jack Golden Russell. Other that appear include Richard Conte, Cesar Romero, Patrice Wymore, Akim Tamiroff, Henry Silva, Norman Fell, Red Skelton (as himself) and George Raft.Sinatra plays Danny Ocean, a man addicted to danger and excitement which causes estrangement from wife Beatrice (Dickinson). His latest scheme is a grand plan to reunite his 82nd Airborne Army veteran friends – fifteen years after their acclaimed service in various World War II theaters of battle – to knock over the five main casinos (Hotel Flamingo, the Sands, Desert Inn, the Riviera, the Sahara) in Las Vegas during New Year's Eve.Among Ocean's eleven co-conspirators are Martin and Davis Jr. (who each sing a couple of songs), Lawford, Conte, Bishop, Silva and Fell; additionally there's Tamiroff, who doesn't participate in the robberies, but helped to plan and finance the operation. Lawford plays Jimmy Foster, whose soon-to-be fifth father-in-law, gangster Duke Santos (Romero), figures in the aftermath, hired by the coalition of casino managers – led by Raft's character – to find and return the stolen millions.There's a somewhat predictable twist ending.
SnoopyStyle Danny Ocean (Frank Sinatra) and Jimmy Foster (Peter Lawford) have gathered war buddies to pull off a new commando raid. They plan to rob five Las Vegas casinos on New Year's Eve. Beatrice (Angie Dickinson) is Ocean's ex. Sinatra's playmates Dean Martin, Joey Bishop and Sammy Davis join him to have some fun.This was a great excuse for Sinatra to gather his Rat Pack and party in Vegas. The script is surprisingly pedestrian. The setup meanders in an endless series of boring scenes. The cinematic style is stiff. The performances are nothing to write home about either. It may be that the best performances happened off screen as the buddies drank the nights away. The saddest thing is that this is a waste of good talent.
Kate Black If there are any fans of this movie out there I'm sorry, but I didn't think this movie was very good. At all really. The plot was very hard to follow, the acting wasn't that good, and the soundtrack basically consisted of two songs. Ain't That a Kick in the Head by Dean Martin and Eee-O-11 by Sammy Davis Jr. , both of which were played over and over though out the film. By the end of the film, I was so sick of those songs I wanted to scream. And Frank Sinatra didn't sing at all which was kinda the main reason I watched the movie in the first place. To hear him sing. Big disappointment there. But Sinatra was the highlight of the film anyway. I always enjoy his performances, no matter how bad the film itself is. If I were a viewer, I would watch the remake of this film instead. It's made much better and the acting is better as well. I'm sad to say it but this film was kind of a flop.