Pushing Tin

1999 "A comedy about losing control"
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Released: 23 April 1999 Released
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Two air traffic controllers who thrive on living dangerously compete to outdo each other on several levels.

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leplatypus Actually, the movie is about a cheating husband and this isn't the kind of movie that appeals to me. Those scum are already impossible to support in real life so it's wasted time to make them "hero" of fiction. As I know one (a "colleague" of a dear friend), the portrayal is here accurate because those cheaters are indeed shining hypocrites: they benefit the distress of their "prey" to pass for kind humanitarian whereas they care only for their ego and libido! With no surprise, the movie is split in two parts: the exhilaration of cheating and after being consumed, the painful consequences. To anime this drama, the feminine cast beats their male counterpart: Cusack is a smooth actor (not awful, not genius) and Thorton rejoices my list of arrogant, spoiled irritating actors (with Pitt, Walberg, Farell, Foxx). unfortunately, Angie and Kate are underused.Finally, the movie is not really interesting: the good moments are actually showing the outback of New York and great planes animation flying over Manhattan and the WTC!
sven_nilsson-1 Pushing tin is a confusing piece of work. I was under the impression it would be a story about air traffic controllers, but it is not. This is in fact a pure love/romance drama, and the traffic controller setting could really be swapped with anything else - it plays a very minor role and does not contribute anything interesting to the story at all. I believe the story writer wanted to make it attractive to a broader audience (not only girls) and decided to throw aviation into the mix to lure their boyfriends into the cinemas. A clever trick maybe, but an ugly one. Actors are OK though, Thornton in particular, so if you are a fan of love/romance dramas, maybe give it a try. Otherwise Ground Control, which is a REAL movie about air controllers, will be a much better choice.
Framescourer I like this film very much, although I'm not sure it's a classic by any means. In fact, I think there should probably be a new genre of indie-ish studio drama called the Cusack to replace the rather amorphous 'quirky'...... the point is that this (to invoke other genres) buddy-cum-rite-of-passage drama has a super core roster of characters. Cusack himself is an all-American superstar in his little world; i.e. resting on his laurels. Billy Bob-Thornton maverick genius outsider Russell provides the challenges that Nick finally rises to through a circuitous route of desperate housewife Cate Blanchett and needy nihilist Angelina Jolie. For all the entertaining conceits involving these four my favourite bits are the well-orchestrated ensemble set pieces in the control tower. 5/10
jeremy3 This movie took a bit too much license with the lives of air traffic controllers. While the stresses of the job were well emphasized, the side plots were sophomoric. The main character, played by John Cusack, was too immature. He spent all his time goofing off and showing off. Probably not likely to survive very long in the real career. The relationship between he and his wife (Blanchett) was sappy. They were supposed to have two kids, one of them on Ritalin, but they were shown only briefly in one scene. The ending was just plain schmaltzy.There were a few things I liked about the movie. One guy makes a mistake, and two planes barely miss each other. One controller openly mocks and insults him. Obviously, the poor guy never established clout. However, Cusack's character has clout, because he knows how to schmooze. When he messes up, the other controllers are more empathetic. That's true in "real life". Much of success in any career is establishing clout among your co-workers. Aside from that, the movie was not very enlightening.