Saving Lincoln

2013 "The true story of an epic friendship"
Saving Lincoln
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The almost entirely true story of Abraham Lincoln and his self-appointed bodyguard, U.S. Marshal Ward Hill Lamon - a banjo-playing Southerner who foiled repeated attempts on the President's life, and kept him functioning during the darkest hours of the Civil War.

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bilalq-85914 Saving Lincoln is a film that is relatively historically accurate, yet quite mediocre in production quality. While the actors are able to put up somewhat believable performances, some of them simply do not resemble the characters they are portraying. The film also seems to brush over some of Abraham Lincoln's most notable moments, as if the filmmakers are just showing a crash course on the life of Lincoln. Aside from this, some of the dialogue and pacing of the film is rather poor. Saving Lincoln primarily focuses on the relationship between our 16th President, played by Tom Amandes and his bodyguard, Ward Hill Lamon, played by Lea Coco. The film follows the duo from when they first meet all the way until Lincoln's second term as President. These two specific actors perform well objectively, and Coco seems to grasp the heroic nature needed to portray someone as vital as the bodyguard of the President. Amandes seems to be a bad fit for Lincoln though, as even when he makes the most of the sub-par dialogue, he simply does not look very much like Abraham Lincoln. In comparison to Daniel Day Lewis in Spielberg's Lincoln, Amandes looks very off. He does not seem tall enough, and his face is far too forgettable to be that of Lincoln's. Out of all Lincoln actors such as Lewis, Henry Fonda, and Raymond Massey, as well as others, Amandes seems the least like the President. His voice is also far too deep in pitch and is missing Lincoln's accent. The production quality of Saving Lincoln was not one of its strengths. Excessive use of a green screen and TV-movie-like costumes serve as the main factors here. The backgrounds appear fake and the costumes look cheap. The sepia filter applied over the footage is cheesy and unnecessary. This took away from the film more than it added anything. As mentioned earlier, the dialogue in Saving Lincoln is one of its weaker points. Character development is sparse, and exposition is given too quickly in the form of dialogue. Real conversations where the audience can notice the character's personalities and relationships with each other are lacking. For example, Lincoln and Lamon do not seem truly friendly with each other because of the dialogue the actors are given to work with. This film seems to lack patience and the opportunity to take a minute to breathe. It moves so quickly over momentous parts of Lincoln's life such as the Gettysburg Address, the death of Willie Lincoln, and his plans to end slavery. The film does seem to have a good grasp on the life of Lincoln, though. It includes scenes based on actual events. Even if they are just displayed in plain sight, scenes in which a first Lincoln assassination failed to fall through, Lamon protecting Lincoln on a horse ride, the delivery of the Gettysburg Address, and nearly all other scenes are based on real history.
HaleyArguien I have seen a variety of films based on the Abraham Lincoln but none were, in my opinion, as amazing as this one. Many had false historical interpretations while this one stuck to the facts. I enjoyed Tom Amandes portrayal of Lincoln and felt he brought a sense of life to our textbooks; we were able to understand better his life story and his many struggles. The film itself had a unique look too. It's black and white photography made the characters become more the center of attention rather than having the audience focus too much on what was happening behind them.(it almost looked like a play was taking place!) This film was emotional not only because it was describing events of the civil war but also in the relationship that existed between Lincoln and Ward Hill Lamon(his bodyguard). I enjoyed learning about Lincoln in the perspective of his bodyguard and feel I have a greater understanding now of his presidency.
nicholascoluccicc The movie Saving Lincoln portrays an extremely good description of Abraham Lincoln life and the hardships he endured. The movie is narrated by one of his close friend and personal bodyguard, Ward Hill Lamon. As you watch the movie from the perspective of Lamon you get to see both the struggles that Lincoln had and the extreme difficulty and tiring task of keeping the most loved but also most hated person in the United States alive during the time of the Civil War. The movie also stays very historically accurate and the use of real Civil War pictures really brings the whole meaning of the movie together. The movie takes you on a journey of the ¨epic friendship¨ between Lincoln and Ward Hill Lamon.
boblevoy There has been many films done about Abraham Lincoln and most have the same material. This film "Saving Lincoln" brings a new and fresh story about Lincoln and that was about his bodyguard Ward Hill Lamon and showed a different side of Lincoln, a side of Lincoln taking unnecessary risks with his Life. First i want to say this film was very well written and done by director Sal Litvak and Nina Davidovich. Also superb performances by Tom Amandes as Lincoln and Lea Coco as Marshall Lamon. And also great performances by Bruce Davidson and Penelope Ann Miller. This is a film i highly recommend everyone to watch this film and add it to your Lincoln collection. There has been several Lincoln Films and Documentaries done this past year. This one is among the best i have ever seen.