Take the 10

Take the 10
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Released: 20 January 2017 Released
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Official Website: https://www.netflix.com/title/80100936

A day in the life of two best friends, a drug dealer, and a store manager collide at a hip-hop concert in the Inland Empire.

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Silver Lining Entertainment (II)

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Gordon-11 This film tells the story of two employee in a organic food store, who are broke but have dreams beyond their means. They steal money from three shop and even from a drug dealer. Hence, they get into huge trouble."Take the 10" seems promising from the trailer, but the initial thirty minutes or so falls a little flat. Mainly it is because the jokes are to juvenile and stupid, such as the Asian woman Patty making contorted faces while saying something really silly. Fortunately, the second half of the film is better, as it is more funny in a grown up way. Overall, it is alright to kill time, but don't have high hopes on it.
Joe Day Another disappointment from Netflix. As another review said, this is silliness compounded with a lot of homosexual unfunny jokes. When I was a boy, boys did not joke around about being gay all the time - if ever. There would be lines on a sports field for example, but not like these boys today or at least in this movie. And all the male characters look as if you could have them anyway for not too much persuasion. Their clothes and the way they walk and everything.As for the plot, it is even dumber. Ripping off drug dealers etc. and not seeming to feel any danger whatsoever. "Big Time" dealers who leave strangers in their bathroom where their stash is hidden and not even noticing it is gone? And the teasing the white kid gives to the Asian one is so homoerotic you know they would do each other if either one had the nerve to just go for it. The same goes for the Tony kid and his older brother. You just get the feeling they suck each other off. The whole thing about going to Brazil? What fantasy awaits there I wonder? And on and on. I didn't wait till the end to switch channels. The only obvious thing missing was sex. For example, why didn't Tony bang the gangster's girl when he had the chance? Probably because we saw the real him at the disco when they did "moon rocks."
dynamitedanmc After seeing this film the trending tab of Netflix I decided I would check it out on IMDb, at first I saw many negative reviews (ranging from about 0/10 to 1/10).I couldn't be bothered to find something else so I watched it. Definitely exceeded expectations and above.If you watch the first 58 seconds and don't laugh this movie is not for you as this defying moment of the film as it sums up the entire movie. Definitely give the first minute a try.PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO OTHER REVIEWS! (people don't know how to enjoy a fun, just weird film like this)
philosopherst This film was so badly written and directed that I seriously can't believe someone backed this financially nor that Netflix made this one of their original films. In short... it sucks in every way imaginable and isn't the least bit entertaining! The story line makes no sense whatsoever and is a bad investment of your time to even watch. THIS FILM WAS ANYTHING BUT FUNNY not possessing a funny line anywhere in its cliché and pathetic script, or ridiculous antics. Boring would be a compliment to describing this sorry piece of work. Its just so bad it seems to be career assassination for Josh Peck (actor from Drake and Josh) who was one of the two stars in this film, and yet isn't even listed as a star in the credits (not that it helps him in any way). It was such a bad film that I made it a must do task to get online and write this review to warn the next person, which is something I never do.Save yourself the time and money, and simply find yourself something else to watch. Eventually you'll thank me for it later.