Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon

Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon
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Tom and Jerry find a dragon egg, and help the baby dragon find its mother.

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TheLittleSongbird As a massive fan of Tom and Jerry, the original MGM shorts can't be beat. That said, to me most of their films are enjoyable, with Fast and the Furry Tom and Jerry: The Movie being the only not good ones, and with this film being among the best of them.There is very little wrong with Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon, my only complaints really being some rushed pacing and Drizelda's out of place musical number. The film however contains some incredibly colourful and detailed animation, with everything beautifully drawn. In simple terms, the animation quality is great and consistently so. The music is not only good music on its own but it fits well, with charmingly lush, energetically rousing and hauntingly suspenseful moments aplenty.It's a very well written film too, with the dialogue being a mix of amusing and heartfelt, it really warms the heart too in a way that few of the other Tom and Jerry films did. The story, while in need of a slowing down in places, is a winner all round and goes at a lively pace while still making sure the story makes sense. The slapstick humour is hilarious (with the opening being classic Tom and Jerry, just wish there was more), the violence thankfully never veers on sadistic, there are some dark, perilous moments but never to a traumatising extent, it's very cute especially with the adorable dragon, the sense of adventure is exciting and suspenseful and with Athena it contains more emotion than the rest of the Tom and Jerry films and in a way that's really touching.Tom and Jerry are great fun as ever, the dragon is adorable, Athena is likable and brings poignancy and depth to the story and Drizelda is a fun and sinister villain. All the voice acting is top notch. All in all, lots of fun, a very good Tom and Jerry film and a solid family film. 8/10 Bethany Cox
John Panagopoulos With successive direct-to-video releases, Tom and Jerry have convincingly proved that they can support and enhance plots that last more than five minutes. However, "Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon" (hereafter "Lost Dragon") really puts even our energetic duo through their paces. Seeing the DVD cover, one might conclude that Tom and Jerry only have to worry about taking care of a baby dragon that hatched from a missing pearl-like egg (and has imprinted upon Tom) until they can return it to his frantic, ferocious mother. Ah, but the plot is more involved than this."Lost Dragon" actually begins in a medieval elf village where the Gandalf-like wizard Kaldorf (voice of the dependable Jim Cummings) bans the sinister, threatening witch Drizelda (voice of Vicki Lewis) from the town. Drizelda tries to entice her niece Athena (voice of Kelly Stables) to follow her into exile, but the tender-hearted girl prefers to stay with Kaldorf and the elves. Of course, Drizelda vows revenge.In spite of her good nature and love of animals (including Tom and Jerry), the elf citizens, especially the vain, shrewish Elf Elder's wife (voice of Lauraine Newman), who loves hideous hats, prejudicially distrust Athena. Therefore, with Tom and Jerry (mostly Jerry) as assistants, Athena retires to the woods and runs a sort of animal menagerie hospital/refuge. Athena tries her best to win over the townspeople, and is on the verge of doing so, but you-know-who (plus a manic warthog) keep messing things up.Meanwhile, Drizelda has sent her henchmen (henchcats) Tin (voice of Greg Ellis), Pan (voice of Jess Harnell), and Alley (Richard McGonagle) to steal the pearl/egg from the forbidden, treasure-filled mountain lair of a fire-breathing dragon. She seeks the pearl-egg to increase her magic power. They succeed but the mother dragon gives chase and makes them lose the pearl-egg, where Tom and Jerry find it floating down the river.So as I said before, taking care of a mischievous, flying, fire-breathing dragon that thinks the lazy, kinda-chicken Tom is his mother is just the beginning of the duo's adventures. Can Tom and Jerry put aside their eternal bickering and one-oneupmanship to get the baby (named Puffy, also voiced by Kelly Stables) safely to its mother before the angry mother torches the countryside looking for it, AND before Drizelda steals the dragons' fire to become a super- dragon herself, AND help Athena gain the village's acceptance?"Lost Dragon" answers these burning (no pun intended) questions with a lively medieval plot that borrows from both "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" and "Dragonslayer" chock-full of thunderous action, suspenseful danger, and evil incantations. Of course, Tom and Jerry do what they do best, but they are not out of place in this energetic tale, and in their own reliable slap-sticky way try to help Athena, the village, Puffy, and his mother to their respective happy endings."Tom and Jerry" fans should get their quota (and more) of cat-and-mouse shenanigans and pratfalls (including the scene where Tom and Jerry are falling from a great height and Tom looks at his watch to see when they'll hit the ground), while medieval/Tolkien fans should get a pleasant homage and send-up of their obsessions. "Lost Dragon" is an eventful and ultimately satisfying animated journey.P.S.: Despite the fire-and-brimstone aspects of the story, "Lost Dragon" shouldn't really disturb children, even sensitive ones, although what happens to baby Puffy and mama dragon after Drizelda steals their fire might be considered shocking. Otherwise, everybody should be able to enjoy this latest "Tom and Jerry" adventure without nightmares.
tom924257 It's kinda sad that it took Tom and Jerry more than 20 years to finally make a good movie, but hey, at least we got it.I like all of the characters in this movie, The classic fighting between Tom and Jerry is there present while throwing in new favor.It starts out with a modern take of the classic Tom and Jerry theme.Than it goes to the past when a wizard bands a witch and 3 cats basically to nowhere. (Skip to the end)During the final fight between a dragon and another dragon, Tom and Jerry take force and go ham on the evil dragon.All in all, i like this movie, it stands to me as the first decent Tom and Jerry movie, do recommend.