Tour de Pharmacy

2017 "Winning is in their blood. Among other things."
Tour de Pharmacy
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Released: 08 July 2017 Released
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A mockumentary that chronicles the prevalence of doping in the world of professional cycling.

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LF I would like to start with the statement that I'm a real cycling fan since about my childhood and I also love mockumentaries, which I think is a real undervalued genre, when it comes to quality entertainment. So when I noticed that HBO has this thing coming out, I was really interested, because I hoped they can make a short movie that offends me heavily and does it in a way I enjoy so much. But unfortunately it didn't offend me at all. Nor was it a mockumentary. I would classify it as a collection of overused trash jokes hidden under the disguise of a low-cost TV parody about cyclists. Yet I'm giving it points, because still there were things I honored: +1 for the Pantani figure. That one I liked, even though I was a huge Pantani fan back in the days - but that's what I wanted to see from such a production! I hope if someone decides to make an actual mockumentary about the cycling world, will invite Orlando Bloom to cover that role. I hand out 1 star for the vintage dress designs. Hey, I appreciate the details paid to them... And 1 more for the homoerotic reference. Though I'm not sure that was intentional towards cycling - in that case it goes for the "Once Upon a Time...Life" reference (the french educational about how human body works).Sadly, that's all. Everything else that can be said about this shorty is only negative. I just don't understand how they managed to make such a horrible TV movie about this topic, cycling and doping seems like the perfect mixture of a mockumentary. Strange subculture of people who steered far from everyday reality - mocking them made the great ones like Best in Show or This is Spinal Tap. But here the script and directing didn't even seemed to want to offend them, it's just a selfish 41 minutes of VHS-style effects (I know it made Kung Fury look cool, but I see no reason why it could work here), celebrities whom's management wants a bit more spotlight, penises, annoyingly amateurish background actors and an avalanche of other low-cost and off-topic clichés.Still, I wouldn't give it such a bad rating if it were from some random American junk channel, but as for HBO - that's below expectations by a mile.
Evan I loved 7 Days in Hell so I'd been looking forward to this for months, but it kind of fell flat even though I laughed quite hard at the trailer itself, which in my opinion gave away the best jokes of the show. It could be because I've seen 7 Days in Hell that the humor felt somewhat less original the second time around, as a lot of the jokes are in principle the same (e.g. the balls underwear in 7 Days --> the see-through microdick suit in this one). I think it's just too short to flesh out any of the characters properly, which was done perfectly with Kit Harington and Andy Samberg in the slightly-longer 7 Days. The Lance Armstrong 'joke' was fantastic, but overplayed. That said, I'd definitely look forward to a "series" of these, but I'm not sure I'd recommend this one to friends like I did with 7 Days.
Horst in Translation ([email protected]) "Tour de Pharmacy" is a 39-minute live action movie that premiered only a couple days ago, so it is obviously from this year (2017). The cast includes many many big names and even if most of them only have a scene or too, it is somewhat refreshing to see all these famous faces. I will not give a total list, bit let me just say I liked Rashad, Hamm, Bacon, Forte, Goldblum and some others. I do not like Samberg, Rudolph and Bloom (even if he is better than usual). Oh yeah, and Mike Tyson was pretty hilarious explaining to us how he entered the world of boxing with a memorable connection to cycling. Still if you really want to watch something informative about the subject of substance abuse in the professional sport of cycling, then this is not the one to watch. Let me tell you this as somebody who really has a strong interest in the sport of cycling. It is only worth seeing for some of the comedic stuff, even if obviously not all of it is working. Director is Jake Szymanski and writer is Murray Miller and these two already collaborated on a similar mockumentary not too long ago with the focus on tennis back then. I would say that this one here is by no means as good as the one on tennis, which was actually one of the best films under 45 minutes of its respective year. This one probably is not, but it still offers some fairly funny sequences and writing. I think it gets better the longer it goes and overall I give it a thumbs-up. Go check it out, especially for the scenes with lance Armstrong that stayed incredibly entertaining until the very end and never got repetitive, even if it somewhat was the same joke over and over again. I honestly would like to see him in acting.
oregonziggy If you like Andy Samberg's style of comedy you will love this. Totally makes fun in an over the top way of doping in cycling.If you liked 7 Days in Hell, you will also like this on.Even though tennis is the most boring sport to watch in the history of the world, two people hitting a ball back and forth over and over and over again. Acting like giant babies when the judge makes a call. 7 Days in Hell was still funny.The gags where all pretty funny, it is always cool to watch actors do things that are not in there norm.