Wild Wild West

1999 "It's a whole new west."
4.9| 1h46m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: 29 June 1999 Released
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Legless Southern inventor Dr. Arliss Loveless plans to rekindle the Civil War by assassinating President U.S. Grant. Only two men can stop him: gunfighter James West and master-of-disguise and inventor Artemus Gordon. The two must team up to thwart Loveless' plans.

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williamou This director doesn't even know the entire history of the transcontinental railroad. He is suppose to find two actors to play Leland Stanford' president of the Central Pacific Railroad, and Thomas C. Durant, the vice president of the Union Pacific Railroad, to drive the golden spike. But he didn't, he just hire Grant to drive?!!!!! The hell is that?!! President Ulysses S. Grant did NOT attempt to the golden spike ceremony at Promontory Summit, Utah. The cheapest movie ever. Grant says "See you in Washington," he headed back to east with the Wanderer. But West and Gordon headed west. Too much incorrect historical information! Stinks!
lallhans I really can't stand all these wanna be critics anymore complaining about how Hollywood screws up classics but then up rate movies like 2017 "The Mummy" because it's different. Just chill and enjoy it because it's hilarious. And please ignore my at some points bad English. I am German so deal with it.
bill-brown I'm only marginally familiar with the TV series and am not in a position to compare this movie to the TV show. I liked this movie. It was campy and over-acted, but I think that was by design. I can see why some might consider that disrespectful to the original TV show. Outside of that, I had fun with it. I thought the 19th century manifestations of 20th century technology were amusing. And I thought Will Smith and Kevin Kline worked well together as the carefree adventurer vs. the meticulous inventor. Kenneth Branagh played the evil villain to the hilt. The voluptuous Salma Hayek was both amusing and titillating as the damsel in distress. Although politically incorrect, I thought the verbal sparring between Branagh and Smith was hilarious. I have watched this movie several times, and always enjoy it. I'm not certain why it is so venomously hated, but this being the internet, I'm sure there will be no end to the people who explain to me what an idiot I am for liking it. Knock yourselves out. To everyone else, pop some corn, sit back, enjoy the ride.
zizin Hoy people are paranoid of Will Smith dudes be nice or he will Hancock to you OK i give 10 to give Will Smith a break OK is just a movie duded. And Kenneth Branagh and Kevin Kline my the road to El Dorado guys. And Kenneth will be awesome ignore nostalgia critic hate OK. And this movie is silly and creative stop being a man child of hate OK. Stop hating the wii you and death race 2050