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Released: 02 May 2018 Returning Series
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This Karate Kid sequel series picks up 30 years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament and finds Johnny Lawrence on the hunt for redemption by reopening the infamous Cobra Kai karate dojo. This reignites his old rivalry with the successful Daniel LaRusso, who has been working to maintain the balance in his life without mentor Mr. Miyagi.

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Tatla23 I was looking on IMDb for good serials i could start watching, and then I saw Cobra Kai. I was thrilled to see that it had got 9,3 rating (at that time) and therefore I saw the trailer to see what it was about. I had an Spanish exame the day after and I didn't prepare for it, instead I started watching Cobra Kai, and man I do not regret it. I saw the whole show on 1 day, and therefore I couldn't even prepare for my exame, but I just couldn't stop watching the serial because it was so catchy. It is in my top best 3 serials 4 sure.I really recommend watching it, but to get the best understanding u should have watched Karate kid before.
cbrynt It's a little cheesy and unnecessarily vulgar. They could have done a better job of bringing CK back to life.
Aloso This series offers exactly what you expect: A little drama, a love story, much karate, and a tournament at the end.It's great to see all the actors from the original movie again, but I also like the new actors. Not all of them are completely convincing in their role, but most have a relatable character and do a good job.The story is remarkably ordinary, but it has a nice pace and finds a good balance between fighting, romance, and day-to-day rivalries. There are even some plot twists waiting for you. Overall, you won't get bored - also thanks to the great soundtrack.The series also contains a lot of references to The Karate Kid (from 1984), so you should watch that one first, if you don't know it yet (it's a good movie, too, you won't regret it!)
valadares Yes, it has a few loose ends. Yes, Macchio and Zabka are not Oscar winning materials. Yes, the cinematography is far from great. I could list at least 10 or 20 reasons to rate this show below 5 stars. I gave it a 9. BUT, it is so brilliant in it's core that none of the evident issues constitutes a real problem. The film - The Karate Kid - was not that great, although we have to recognize it was a game changer and very iconic for the 80's culture. The series is far better. Even the not so great acting by Zabka fits perfectly in the storyline. The fact that Daniel LaRusso falls into a very cliche "winner-life" is just brilliant. It is about guys in their 50's, and that is the peak of it. It's not about teenagers unresolved issues, but it's about adulthood and our needs to revisit the past, like our present problems could be solved with a time machine. That goes for both Lawrence and LaRusso. And their kids. And everything around their lives. It is most of all a great STORY, and that's pretty much what entertainment should be about.