Grey's Anatomy

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Released: 27 March 2005 Returning Series
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Follows the personal and professional lives of a group of doctors at Seattle’s Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

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kwilinsky59 I love this show, but it I have to continue to watch him basically molest the shows women, I am really done. You have other men that look good half naked. You could always add a few more to replace the sexy ones that are gone, it is a hospital and a lot have moved on. Alex is taken, Jo is perfect. Merideth new man left, find another anything but show more Owen , he is not attractive at all and it's not fair to the viewers. I vote if we have to keep Owen, more clothes-less screen time.
dawneslie It's terribl and plots keep repeating themselves, plus Meredith is looking old and wiped out.
kedunle Greys definitely has shown grown as a show and all of the cast members portray characters that I can deeply relate with! I love each and every one of the characters on the show. Yes the show has lost characters/actors but it does make the show more unique and Im sad to see Jessica and Sarah go. Although I believe this is the way to tie the storylines more together so that it creates an inner circle feel and creates the ultimate Grey's Endgame! The show is GREY'S ANATOMY so yes its about Meredith Grey. I can't express how proud I am on the diversity of the show and how they always bring in REAL LIFE situations that MILLIONS have dealt with each day. Grey's is a show that Ill always hold deep in my heart and EVERY ONE OF THE CAST MEMBER is INCREDIBLY TALENTED! Oh also ill mention that I love that greys is using the #metoo movement in the next episode.Lots of love for everyone in the cast, especially Ellen Pompeo, Justin Chambers, Sarah Drew, Jessica Capshaw, Camilla Luddington, Jesse Williams and all that has gone before them in previous and current season.
lawton37 This show was once a favourite and now very disappointing. The lead actress Ellen Pompeo .as Dr. Meredith Grey who is average talent. The new residents introduced are boring. Still my favourites in the show are Jesse Williams as Dr. Jackson Avery and Sarah Drew as Dr. April Kepner both very attractive on the eye to watch. Kevin McKidd as Dr.Owen Hunt still also holds my interest . The show commenced with interesting story lines with hot Doctors. Now many very disappointing changes.