The Lego Batman Movie

2017 "Always be yourself...unless you can be Batman."
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A cooler-than-ever Bruce Wayne must deal with the usual suspects as they plan to rule Gotham City, while discovering that he has accidentally adopted a teenage orphan who wishes to become his sidekick.

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Nick Lattin-Scheetz While I did definitely have a great time watching this there are 2 major things about this film that really bother me, with that said let's talk about the awesome stuff. This is obviously made by the creators of The Lego Movie therefore we have really cool animation, creative designs for all the beloved characters of the DC universe as well as the unknowns, and a very clever childish tone. The voice acting really works to, consisting of Rosario Dawson as Batgirl, Zach Galifianakis as the Joker, Ralph Fiennes as Alfred, Michael Cera as Robin, and of course the best casting choice of them all, Will Arnett as Batman (I'll talk about him more in a moment), there are even tones of cameos from other celebrities and it's impossible to name them all. The hate-relationship between Batman and the Joker is a very unique and clever concept that's never been done before in a Batman movie alluding to the self-awareness that the film loves to poke fun at which can result in a lot of funny break-up and get-back-together moments. Robin's adorable innocence is always a welcoming highlight whenever he's onscreen making it very obvious that he's a child who can do literally anything you tell him, even in reverse. The film is also filled with lots of references to other DC properties, such examples include Alfred discussing the different phases Batman went through for the past 50 decades while shots from different movies that came each decade made with Legos appear (as shown in the trailer) which is talked about again by Batgirl showing the other famous shots from the previous media Batman has been in, the collection of Batmobiles Batman has in the Batcave, Billy Dee Williams voicing Two-Face after only being able to play Harvey Dent in Tim Burton's Batman, mentioning the Suicide Squad, and of course Batman having the famous Shark-Repellent Spray. Batman's portrayal in this film is one of my all-time favorite portrayals of him thus far, the writers are basically making fun of him by having him as a greedy, egotistical, narcissist who can't handle anybody but himself winning in everything which is exactly how I see him, I dare say he's making all other famous and beloved franchises out there look bad because it doesn't seem like anybody cares about anything other than him, and this film almost perfectly represents that. But if I were to say what the best part of the film is, it has got to be none other than the opening, the film opens up with Batman narrating and addressing lots of cliches we get in all movies such as company logos appearing, dramatic music, and films opening with a black screen, then it builds up a scheme all Batman's villains are plotting, while quoting and mentioning scenes from The Dark Knight and Tim Burton's Batman, Batman arrives in a disguise and as soon as he reveals himself he ends up defeating every single one of his villains all at the exact same time while singing a song he wrote that talks about how awesome he is, this scene is a perfect way to represent how much you love a certain property or character, sometimes I imagine watching this but with Spider-Man beating up his villains, I dare say that this scene almost as good as the opening title sequence of X-Men: The Animated Series. Although now it's time for me to address what ruins the movie for me which are 2 different things, 1. Batgirl, she's so unlikable and such a Debbie-Downer in this, constantly getting after Batman for every little thing she does, talking about being supervised and following the law, and complaining, this is the exact same reason why I hate Lois Griffin and Donna Tubbs. 2. The constant insults thrown at Superman in this, Superman is my favorite DC superhero and I even say he's the best superhero in the world and yet hardly anybody else in the world seems to agree with me, people seem to have forgotten that Superman was the first superhero ever created in history thus he pioneered the trend of superheroes, and yet in this film he's constantly made to look bad in this, aside from Batman making jokes about how he can beat Superman, saying he's better than him, and blowing a raspberry at him when he sees him on the news, what happens is Batman breaks into the Fortress of Solitude and destroys the crystals containing memories of Superman's family on Krypton as a means to steal the Phantom Zone Projector to prove to Batgirl he can put his villains away for good, and when he finally learns his lesson, he doesn't bother returning it to him, it gets destroyed and he doesn't even care, WHAT A JERK, he destroyed the only remaining memories of Superman's beloved parents Jor-El and Lara, stole a dangerous device Superman couldn't allow to get into the wrong hands and got away with it, that is one of the coldest thing I've ever seen Batman do. So overall this film does a fantastic job parodying some of many of our fond memories of what we grew up with, is able to reference stuff we love to talk about in a very clever and enjoyable way, have very cool visuals and animation, great voice acting, hilarious jokes, and one of the best openings to a film ever, but Batgirl's constant nagging and buzzkilling and the insults toward Superman make it impossible for me to say this is a "great film" or anywhere near as good as The Lego Movie.
jpricewwe I just got the DVD and watch it immediately and guest what? i LOVE IT best film of 2017 i love the action the comedy and everything eles is awesome and amazing i gave it 10/10
Platypuschow After watching all the Lego DC movies I decided to leave this the grand daddy of them all until last, and I'm glad I did. I'm glad I did so that I could see the contrast.You see all the others were lower budget straight to DVD affairs but the entire cast was made up of voice actors, legends within the industry like Troy Baker & Nolan North. This is the Hollywood version and instead is full of traditional actors, and that does the film no favours.Furthermore it's glitzy and colorful and stands out from all the others, you can tell it has money behind it. It does however play to the whole Lego world more so, and therefore the animation is worse and many scenes are stretching the imagination to breaking point.With countless DC villians and a few from other franchises such as King Kong and Voldemort they really went all out here and went with a Batman similiar to what you'd find in HISHE (2005) namely goofy, egotistical and a parody of the Batman we all know.Sadly the movie is inconsistent, one minute I'm enjoying the satire and cleverly integrated adult humour and the next I'm cringing at childish jokes & musical numbers.Credit where credit is due I see what they were doing here but alas this is so Hollywood it made my toenail ingrow.The Good:Looks greatBrilliant soundtrackPlenty of adult humour for the parentsThe Bad:Should have been the proper voice castDespite the budget the animation is worse than the straight to dvd filmsZach Galifianakis is the worst Joker everIncredibly hit and missThings I Learnt From This Movie:DC is the house that Superman made, but Batman has maintainedBatman doesn't pay his taxesIronman sucksLife doesn't give you seatbelts
thisanant The Lego Movie is my most favorite animation comedy ( with a little rivalry from Megamind ) so I had huge expectations and as it happens ,this kind-of sequel did not satisfy me , entirely . but other than that , it is hilarious and Will Arnet continues to be a great not-batman kind of batman .