The Ridiculous 6

The Ridiculous 6
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When his long-lost outlaw father returns, Tommy "White Knife" Stockburn goes on an adventure-filled journey across the Old West with his five brothers.

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jamesmech I suppose this might be considered Adam Sandler's attempt at making a "Blazing Saddles" for the Millenials, but it falls so far short in every aspect... Comedy, not funny... Story line, moronic... Special effects, Ugh! There wasn't anything in this movie that made me even smile, the gags were so 3rd grader. C'mon Adam. We know you can do a lot better than this. Remember "Happy Gilmore", or "Waterboy"? Yeah, that's the Sandler we haven't seen in years. Your brother the lawyer is way funnier than you, these days. Maybe you should hire him on as a writer.
Eric266 As my title suggests, this movie is stupid. However, its also got some hilarious bits that makes it worthwhile. You know what you're getting with Adam Sandler, so you shouldn't expect much...and I wasn't. Sandler is Tommy, a white man raised by Indians who finally meets his white father, Frank (a gravely voiced Nick Nolte), a former bank robber who is dying and just wants to reconnect. When his father is kidnapped by his former gang, Tommy decides to rescue him. Along the way he finds out he has five other half brothers by his father (the six of the title). That's about it for plot.The humor comes from some very well placed cameos and a couple of REALLY funny scenes. Taylor Lautner is a dim witted boob who has a strong neck. So he gets himself hung to distract the crowd while his brothers rob the town bank. The humor comes from Lautner swinging wildly from the noose like a pendulum, giggling the entire time as if he's on a playground swing. The second laugh out loud scene is Harvey Keitel as a saloon owner named Smiley who has a massive piece of gold. The boys steal it and just as Smiley catches them and is going to shoot them, he looses his head, literally. I couldn't stop laughing at his headless corpse shooting both guns while his still smiling head is lying in the foreground. Lastly, there is an ongoing gag about a gang of one eyed men called the "Left Eye Gang" who remove their own eye and keep them in a jar. Steve Zahn's character wants to join so he has to perform the initiation of removing his right eye. Its done in the shadow on a cave wall so there is no gore, but its pretty grotesque and funny at the same time.The cameos are also well done. I won't list them all, but you can read the credits to see who played what. Most of them were hits, with just a few misses. Some of them I didn't even recognize the actors until I saw the credits. They completely immersed themselves in the roles.The movie is definitely not up there with Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore. But its not as bad as Jack and Jill. I really enjoy these actors and seeing them all having a good time was infectious.Give it a whirl.
cmmedland It's an Adam Sandler movie. If you like that silliness (like I do), then you'll enjoy this one too. If you never liked Sandler's work, then this wasn't for you in the first place.
bcpridgin First off, I believe this movie got bad reviews because some would consider it racist. This movie came out at the peak of political correctness, so that is why I think it got bad reviews.The intro of the movie has a sign that reads, "No Injuns" then the camera pans to another sign that reads, "NO REDSKINS!". It is in my humble opinion that people who rated this movie 1/10 didn't even watch this movie and/or they really dislike Adam Sandler.Lastly, this is a fun movie with a smahingly-great cast that you can tell really enjoyed making the movie. The only part I thought was slow and not needed was in the beginning ith Sandler' s father. That part was a snore fest. Other than that part the movie is interesting and has a good pace.Don't believe the snowflakes.