True to the Game

2017 "Once you're in, there's no way out"
True to the Game
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Based on the Terri Woods best selling novel, True to the Game is the love story of Quadir Richards, a charismatic drug lord, and Gena Rollins, a young girl from the projects of Philly. Quadir was able to gain the trust and love of Gena and was on his way out of the game to start a new life with his future bride when tragedy strikes.

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queen_candace01 To be honest, Lorenzo Eduardo aka 'Winston's' Jamaican accent was a joke. Bloodclaat joke a tel yuh. Shame.
iigammeroblox I watched this. and like it messes with your feelings, so if your watching this movie with friend I suggest not..It starts of great with couple meets, then her best friend dies, then her husband died and hes partner like I said really upsetting but overall it was pretty good.
icekkgip The movie was entertaining, bling bling, message throughout typical because you know, to live that kind of life, it's going to end the way it did probably even worse...Critics and people who review throw words & negatives around like it's nothing when this movie production was everything, good acting...R.I.P Nelsan Ellis...Most folk who in my opinion in some cases have no idea how hard it is to screenplay a successful movie, While I would never want to sell my soul for love of money with this for certain predictable tragic end, this movie was good and I give this 6 conservative stars!
sviwarriorscholar It's not cool to use a title from a well known book about "the game" and make a movie this bad. What's the number to the refund hot line? I am not joking. This movie should have never been released unless it was on YouTube. I thought about giving it two stars because Columbus Short did a decent job with the little he had and the music wasn't bad. But I can't. it's a joke. This nonsense has to stop.