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EP1 Episode 1 Jun 13, 2024

8.4| 0h30m| TV-MA| en| More Info
Released: 18 June 2015 Returning Series
Producted By: Leftfield Pictures
Country: United States of America
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Hardcore survivalists are put by themselves in the Vancouver Island wilderness, without camera crews, teams, or producers – on a single mission to stay alive for as long as possible.

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Leftfield Pictures

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Yogibearz I get the whole thing with switching it up...gotta keep it fresh for the audience. So they introduced teams in season 4...that have to find each other in the terrain..and it seems to have been a grave mistake! Don't get me wrong, I'm all for reinvention when called for...this show wasn't there yet! They could have easily gone one or two seasons more with single survivor's (which the original concept is all about). Now contestant's are force to tap out because their partner do?! That's messed up! Especially in a show like this that is all about proving yourself. I'm just afraid that this show is heading towards a "survivor" kind of show, which this show was never about!! I seriously hope next season of alone is back to its former winning concept!
weeboarder To be honest here, i love the show. I believe this is one of the closest to reality, TV shows. However......I do believe that their obsessive need for diversity has lead to the exacerbation of several stereotypes and has recently in episode 9 of season 3 has hit a new low. I believe the circumstances of Dave's disqualification for medical reasons was highly suspect. This man had 30 fish fillets and a seemingly endless supply of vegetation and fungi for additional minerals and necessary nutrients. My argument is that low blood pressure due to long term starvation is noticeable by medical professionals weeks before it becomes "dangerous" or a risk of "organ failure". So if as the producers said they perform medical exams every week, then the doctor would have known long before it was actually that bad. Even with such a low blood pressure, simply eating two fillets a day, in two meals, he would have quickly improved. However they pulled him without question. During all other clips during doctors visits, they told the contestant their vitals, however in Dave's case, they did not. In other seasons the doctors notified the contestant before their Health issues were dangerous and even posed a choice to stay. But in Dave's case he was forced out. Dave seemingly could have stayed at least another two weeks, where as all other contestants had no food reserves and are on the brink of collapse mentally and healthily. So he was a shoe in for the win, unless the producers removed him. We all know betting happens regarding the win er of this show and this executive decision totally warped the odds. Secondly, it is clear the producers and editors have set the narrative for a female winning since the beginning, despite the person with the clearest path to victory was just forced off the show. Im disappointed and feel the show was unjustifiably rigged after this stunt. I would have rated 10, if it weren't for Daves disqualification and their constant seeming need to place unqualified people in the show in order to "diversify".
rufsetufshesten I've always been a sucker for survival shows, but the newer shows tend to focus too much on the sensational than what one actually needs to do in a survival situation. Les Stroud being the exception. THat's why this show was a positive surprise for me when I started watching it. I was expecting a show more in the lines of Survivor or something like that, but instead I got a show where each man is pitted not against the other contestants, but against himself and his skills or lack thereof. It was interesting to watch how the guys dealt with the wildlife, climate and the need to build, from scratch, a home in the wilderness. It also helped that the climate on Vancouver Island is much the same as where I live, minus the large predators, so it was extra fascinating since this showed the rigors of trying to live off the land in an area that's damp or wet most of the time. The simple task of making a fire, keeping stuff dry and keeping warm is made that much harder when everything's damp.And all this done by guys that easier to relate to than Bear Grylls. THey seemed like guys you'd meet at the local pub or at work, but with just that little bit of extra interest in survival and the outdoors Another key thing that kept me watching was that you could see their struggle to keep, well, not sane, but motivated to tough it out when the trip back to civilization was just a phone call away. Back to the family and friends and the modern creature comforts. So, all in all an amusing show that actually managed to teach me a few tricks along the way.
Donovan Pechal There are a lot of"reality" shows out there that are just not good and most likely staged. This has to be the most"real" show I've seen on TV. Besides that, it's absolutely the most interesting show I've seen. The mental aspect of being alone for so long always seems to catch up to the contestants. The skills are great, but until you can cope with your emotions, it means nothing. Sometimes the drop off location is not as good as others, but that's the part that shows how good of a survivor these folks are.I highly recommend this show just based on the fact that it is legit and lets you into the lives of very diverse individuals and what they see as important to them. Couldn't recommend this show more.