Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir


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7.5| 0h30m| TV-Y7| en| More Info
Released: 19 October 2015 Returning Series
Producted By: Toei Animation
Country: South Korea
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
Official Website: http://www.miraculousladybug.com

Marinette and Adrien, two Parisian teenagers, are entrusted with powerful jewels in order to transform into superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir. But neither hero knows the other's true identity — or that they're classmates!

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WadiDosiTosk Boring, un-imaginative, horrible writing, bad CGI-animation, most overrated cartoon from France and South Korea. These are words that immediately come to mind when thinking about this show. Transformation sequences, if you can even call them that, ala Mysticons, a love story taken straight from other successful cartoons, a Winx-Club-esque relationship between two children falling in love with each other but at the same time being too shy to confess their feelings for one another and clichés that have been used before, and over 40 episodes in which lame knock-off Marvel villains fight against 2 children with superpowers are all what awaits the viewer. The dynamic bares another similarity with Marvel comics, as Ladybug fills in the Spider-Man role (without the tragic Uncle Ben backstory, though), while Chat Noir (obviously, if the name wasn't already a big hint) is the Black Cat to Ladybug's Spider-Man. The worst of all is the danger of losing millions of brain cells once the viewer has finished the whole seasons.Netflix made the worst decision of the year with acquiring the rights to the show and showing it to America's audience (while at the same time not following up on the World of Winx season 2 cliffhanger). Here is hope that the writing team step up their game before the show meets its ultimate cancelation, which will undoubtedly happen, should this bore-fest continue.
joaniepaulino OK this may or may not have spoilers. Okay there's going to be some but who cares! This is the best show my little eyes feasted on. The colors are amazing to the eye and the palliate. If your going to start watching this show I recommend the first episode. Adrian lives in this big house, but he has a lousy dad who wants him to do whatever he wants. Any way he has a best friend who wants to throw him this big b-day bash but his old man didn't want that then Hawk moth took advantage of him and transformed him into a villain. This is the first time people show cat noir and ladybug and it's great. I love it! Oh by the way I forgot to mention that Marinette has a crush on Adrian but doesn't know that he's cat noir. Cat noir has a crush on Marinette but doesn't know that she's Marinette. They a perfect couple but they don't know that yet. If you looking for that show on Nickelodeon they don't show that goodie on their channel any more, along with regal academy. They continue to milk SpongeBob until it's another The Simpsons or Family guy. It's on Netflix. Despite their stupid decision on canning the show and having Netflix air the show, it's still good. I hope people can watch this show and this show continues to air, coming up with new bad guys and new hero's as will. I also hope that Hawk Moth can be stopped and Marinette and Adrin have children together and know each other's identities as will. Best luck to the creative team who are responsible for this master piece. I also hope there's a Miraculous movie in the works. The movie will be called Miraculous the truth about cat noir and ladybug, hawk moth's identity will be reveled in this awesome movie as will. For now just keep on making good episodes and once they get around season 7 they can make a movie and it will be awesome!
Mina Houraisan This show is one of the best I've seen! I love everything about it. The characters, the CGI, the music. It's really charming. This show is full of innovation and smart ideas (such as the villains and about the miraculous) and it never fails to entertain me. The characters are mostly likable, although the characters Chloe and Lila got on my nerves a bit. The English dub is pretty good too- the voice acting and the lines.Overall, I highly recommend this show. If you like Magical Girl shows or shows about heroes this is for you. It's entertaining, charming and overall a great show. I can't wait for the 2nd season of it!
jjiawen I am a calm, perfectly cool as a cucumber character on the verge of being a fully fledged adult. This show has somehow turned me into a fully fledged fan girl that blushes on occasion.I've always been a fan of Batman. Maybe Cat Noir in a black super-suit just calls to me, or more likely it's the awesome fight scenes. Not to mention hilariously purrfect puns thrown in here and there. This show will also definitely pull on the heartstrings of anyone who has experienced a maddening crush on that special someone. The beautiful landscapes of Paris just amplify the feels :)One of the few shows I've seen where there's a great mix of drama, fighting and romance. The top notch animation definitely just pulls you in! Give the show a go, it's amazing :)