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8.1| 0h30m| TV-14| en| More Info
Released: 17 January 2014 Ended
Producted By: Bambú Producciones
Country: Spain
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In 1950s Spain, the heir to a fashion house romances a beautiful seamstress who works for the company, despite the objections of his family.

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AubreyB Very light amusing distraction. Stuff for watching before bed with the wife. (Avoid the follow-on Velvet Collection - which is trash)In the same genre - Spanish sloppy stuff - Grand Hotel is better.
janerwhite Amazing series, really loved it, but appalling subtitles, especially bad in the last season. Poor grammar, incorrect spelling, incorrect translation, it was badly phrased and had too many awful Americanisms. If using English subtitles please make sure they are English.
tonylebron I Loved Velvet! Could hardly stop seeing it & fast forwarding, highly recommend!The main characters dearly loved each other; you can't help but side with them for the following reasons:They did not want to hurt anyone, but were desperate to save the store. Yes, Cristina is the one hurt, no others (some critics said they were hurting others.) And she turned up to be a really bad person - maybe with reason, - but hey, that's life, some win, some don't! It is what it is. Alberto never told her he loved her and this should have been a HUGE red flag for her, but no, she went ahead since she wanted to marry him, so she is also at fault! she could have said no realizing he did not love her! and enjoy the film, its a lovely love story!Their original plan was to set the wedding date far to 12 months - but Cristina insisted on moving it up to 2 months so its Cristina's fault, since during this time the plan was to not marry.And Ana really made a huge effort to stay away from him once married- you see this throughout the film. She also definitely did not befriend Cristina as stated, on the contrary, was always avoiding her as much as she could and Cristina always was the one after her, and also showing her real self and how mean she really was. And I will not even comment on how deceitful she was on the baby issue....And once Ana saw how things turned out, she had to continue living her life the best way she could. Alberto also realized he made a mistake and he really paid a big price and tried as best as he could to make it right and to end the deceit and lies.So, Yes, Ana & Alberto do have flaws, don't we all!!!!!! Nothing new here! But you can tell they are good persons whereas the same cannot be said of Cristina who turned out to be a mean witch,We go thru our whole lives making mistakes so don't be so hard on them.
asnpadmapriya SPOILER: The show is visually stunning, characters are interesting (Raul De La Riva for instance) and almost everyone is really good looking. My main beef with the show is that it makes it really hard to empathize with the main characters. The premise is that you root for the lovers who almost never have things going their way (at least for too long). But their actions make it hard to root for them. Alberto marries Christina for her money to keep his store afloat. Christina loves Alberto earnestly, yet he continues his flirtations with Ana and one other woman. He cheats on her and treats her badly. And we're still expected to be on his side. Ana is too 'principled' to marry Alberto in a secret ceremony but has no qualms hanging around with a married man, while befriending his unsuspecting wife. It's all a bit hard to reconcile. The characters being 'flawed' is not the problem here, it's that the show carries on strongly making the assumption that you're on their side despite their actions. I personally struggled with forgiving them for their actions and wishing them to be united in spite of all the people they hurt along the way (in many cases unnecessarily and selfishly). Yet they are portrayed as being 'golden'.