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Romance of the Three Kingdoms
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms (2019)
  • Animation, Drama, War & Politics,
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms
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Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2019
Royal Cousins at War
  • Royal Cousins at War (2014)
  • Documentary, War & Politics,
  • At the time World War I broke out, the King of England, the Czar of Russia, and the Kaiser of Germany were first cousins. This two-part series looks at the role played by Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and King George V of England, and their relationships with each other, in the outbreak of war. Mismanaging their countries and mishandling foreign policy, they failed to adapt to the forces of nationalism and democracy, and so brought tumbling down their own ideal of a Europe governed by the descendants of Queen Victoria. While it was war that delivered the final blow, this fascinating series shows how the problems had set in much earlier. A two part miniseries.
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Royal Cousins at War 2014
  • Rottenknechte (1971)
  • War & Politics,
  • Rottenknechte is a 1971 East German five part television film directed by Frank Beyer. The first part premiered on 08.01.1971 on the East German public DFF1, with the other four parts being shown in the same month. The film concentrates on the last days of the German navy during World War II.
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Rottenknechte 1971
  • Reputasyon (1)
  • Drama, War & Politics,
  • Reputasyon is a Philippine romance drama previously aired by ABS-CBN. It stars Cristine Reyes together with Rayver Cruz and Jason Abalos. It also stars the daytime television comeback of Aiko Melendez and Jaclyn Jose. It originally aired on the 2:00-2:45 p.m. timeslot, until September 19, 2011 when it was moved to the 5:00-5:45 p.m. timeslot as requested by the televiewers.
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Reputasyon 1