Breakable You

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Released: 07 January 2017 Released
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A divorced playwright and his therapist ex deal with new relationships and their daughter.

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EilisNiGhliasain With all the bad reviews of this film from IMDb contributors, Éilís feels a bit conspicuous. She liked the film and the "mature" sex scenes.With all the pornographic, exploitative, often violent 21st century sexual imagery all around us, I am surprised that viewers find the "older" sex between Holly Hunter's character, Eleanor and Alfred Molina's Paul offensive. With all the sexual gadgetry, video games and films available, it's intriguing that people would have an issue with a bathroom mirror. (Éilís actually had a problem with the sexual atmosphere between the young couple Maud (Cristin Milioti) and Samir (Omar Metwally). At least Eleanor and Paul were having fun!Because this film lacks fun. To term it as a comedy is an incomprehensible misnomer. For one thing, it centres around Adam the writer, Eleanor's ex husband, Maud's father and the definition of the word "narcissist." No one is likely to escape the effects of hanging around him. Forget the sex, Adam (Tony Shalhoub) is creepy. Unfortunately, many men live and think like him; the current President of the United States, for example.Another contemporary and perhaps controversial topic that arises in the film is that of Maud's overload with motherhood. Canada's "Maclean's" news magazine recently covered a story of modern day mothers feeling trapped.For these reasons, maybe that's why reviewers of the film "Breakable You" dislike it?
Moviegoer19 It's pretty safe to say I will never miss a film about New York artists, their lives and loves. So of course I paid to see "Breakable You." I enjoy seeing my city in a film, and I enjoy seeing stories about writers and therapists, as I am both. So on a superficial level, I enjoyed this film. At the same time there was a lot about it, mainly about the characters and their choices, that left me cold. Perhaps that was the writer's/director's intention? I don't know, but I prefer to watch people in films struggling with "Life Issues" and resolving them in ways I like and approve of than in ways I find selfish, dishonest and morally bankrupt. What this means about Breakable You is that yes, it held my interest, but in the end, left a bad taste in my mouth.
adonis98-743-186503 The film follows the Wellers, A dynamic New York City family as they come to terms with themselves and each other. Starring Dr. Octopus, Detective Monk and Elastic Girl i was expecting a bit more effort for this romantic comedy when instead we get a terrible and slow paced film about a family we never get invested to like, an absurd running time of 120 minutes and most of all a creepy scene between Molina and Hunter. Overall not a good film. (0/10)