2004 "No actual Europeans were harmed in the making of this film."
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Released: 20 February 2004 Released
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When Scott learns that his longtime cyber-buddy from Berlin is a gorgeous young woman, he and his friends embark on a trip across Europe.

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tofiq-85248 Very funny film but not perfect. When you are drinking and want to watch a funny and stupid film... This must be your opinion!
Anssi Vartiainen Scott Thomas (Scott Mechlowicz) gets harshly dumped on his graduation day, but few days later he happens to find out that his longtime penpal in Germany is a very hot girl in real life. Thus the only logical solution is to take a trip to Europe to find her and profess his undying love for her. Really, the guy had no other choice. None whatsoever.Okay, okay, so the story is pretty much the definition of cheesy. And it's not like the characters are all that much better, either. In fact, they're downright stereotypical, though the inclusion of twins is at least something you only see in every fourth comedy or so, instead of each and every one. So yeah, the film isn't exactly the crowning achievement in originality, but it has some saving graces.First of them being the actors. None of them are big names, but they clearly had fun doing this film and it shows in their performances as well. Plus, I do appreciate that they shied away from the worst clichés, though they're definitely not plowing any new ground here. It's just that they're not the worst.I also found the humour to be surprisingly effective, especially because most of the jokes are about different European stereotypes, painfully so. As a fellow European I should feel insulted. But the thing is, they're so over the top and ridiculous, that they circle around and become funny all over again. Refuge in audacity, so to speak, but for once they attempt it with something other than toilet humour.And that's about it. EuroTrip is an excellent film if you liked all the silly high school comedies of the 90s, and it's a pretty decent comedy all around. Not great, but not bad either.
Python Hyena Eurotrip (2004): Dir: Alec Berg / Cast: Scott Mechlowwics, Jacob Pitt, Vinnie Jones, Michelle Trachtenberg, Travis Wester: The film is about experience both in its lushes European photography and in its vulgar sexual romp that never seems to end. Scott Mechlowicz flies to Europe with his best friend to meet a woman whom he has communicated through e-mail. Along the way there is sex, sex, and lots more sex. Disgusting and filthy comedy in the same vein as Porky's and containing no real story value. We just know that the young hero will finally bed the e-mail girl by film's end. Director Alec Berg seems to just point and shoot at whatever because his directing style is flat and uninspiring here. Mechlowwicz heads the cast and is no different than any other character in these films that is under sexed and chasing women. Jacob Pitt as his best friend is there because what is it worth if one person in trouble when two heads are so much better. Vinnie Jones in a horrible performance in manic chaotic nonsense. Finally the unfortunate Michelle Trachtenberg who was so good in Harriet the Spy, blossoming into the victim of desire by a parade of naked beach bums. Trachtenberg is joined by Travis Wester and his role isn't much more interesting. There is nothing new or innovative in this junk. In the end this film should be tossed out of a plane just to see how many pieces it can be. Score: 2 / 10
shubhankar-verma2396 So, there are times when you don't feel like watching a great flick. You feel like watching a dumb 2000s comedy or something like that. Last night I decided to watch EuroTrip as it was 6.6 on IMDb. The movie is disgusting, horrible, dumb and boring. The 'supposed to be' funny scenes aren't funny at all. The director and the screenplay writer must have been 14 years old. The acting by all actors is pathetic. Even if you are planning to watch a dumb movie...DON'T WATCH THIS ONE. 6.6? It should be on 3.9 or something. There are two or three 'sex' moments but you cannot waste 90 minutes watching this dumb flick. NO. It's just a dumb movie in which three guys and a girl go to Europe and all the crappy things happen with them. Every scene is basically a failed attempt to make people laugh. Even 12 years old children won't find this movie funny. DUMB DUMB DUMB and not at all entertaining.