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EP1 Dry Spells, Slang, Quitting Jun 03, 2015

Girl Code discusses dry spells, quitting and Internet slang.

EP2 Vomiting, Taking Pictures, The One Jun 10, 2015

Topics include vomiting, taking pictures and finding "the one."

EP3 Sexual Pressure, Being Bored, Hobbies Jun 17, 2015

Topics include sexual pressure; and how to convince a boyfriend to see Taylor Swift in concert.

EP4 Nudity, Listening, Guilt Jun 24, 2015

Topics include being naked, listening and guilty feelings.

EP5 Birth Control, Showing Off, Over Thinking Jul 13, 2015

The Girls talk about birth control, different ways of showing off, and the dangers of over thinking.

EP6 Vaginal Health, Smarts, Spoiling Jul 13, 2015

The Girls talk about vaginal health, being smart, and being spoiled.

EP7 Your Phone, Having a Baby, Anger Jul 27, 2015

Topics include having a baby; being angry; and putting down one's phone.

EP8 Butts, Attending Weddings, Therapy Jul 27, 2015

Topics include a new booty trend; attending weddings; and therapy. Also: shopping for a wedding dress.

EP9 Playing It Cool, Injuries-Getting Hurt, Parents & Technology Aug 03, 2015

Topics include getting hurt; playing it cool; and keeping one's parents up-to-date on technology. Also: superheroes.

EP10 Moving Back In, Manners, Penis/Balls Aug 10, 2015

Topics include moving back home; the importance of being polite; and the male anatomy.

EP11 Picking Up Guys 2.0, The Weekend, Your Voice Aug 10, 2015

Topics include picking up guys, weekend plans and one's voice.

EP12 Watching TV, Hugging, Being Insecure Aug 17, 2015

Topics include watching TV, hugging and being insecure.

EP13 Bad Sex, Grandparents, Eating Habits Aug 17, 2015

Topics include bad sex, grandparents and eating habits.

EP14 Pooping, Playing The Field, Interviewing Sep 14, 2015

We all do it. The girls are talking about poop. Also, insider tips on playing the field and acing interviews!

EP15 Hot Friend, Beards, Pampering Yourself Sep 21, 2015

The cast dishes on the good, bad and ugly of having a hot friend. And, who doesn't love pampering themselves or a man with a good beard?

EP16 Pussy Power, Slut Shaming, Gay Bestie Sep 30, 2015

Topics include p* power, s* shaming and having a gay best friend.
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Girl Code is an American reality comedy television series on MTV that debuted on April 23, 2013. It is a spin-off series to Guy Code. The series features female actresses, musicians, stand-up comics — plus a few men — who discuss the sisterhood that women share. It was announced on June 13, 2013, that the series has been renewed for a twenty episode second season. Season 2 will premiere on October 29, 2013.

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madhouserevival Seriously, I am so sick of these ignorant reviewers on IMDb who are offended by everything that isn't according to the "morals" of the Bible or some ridiculous made up fringe standard. They're so scared of reality they might as well get on their spaceships and get off our damned (see what I did there?) planet. Maybe fly into the sun? There's a reason it's in it's 4th season. This is a show driven by female comedians (mostly) and it's pleasantly, hysterically out of control. This is a very clever and funny show. It's just like How to be a Grownup (a bit milder but just as good). They use some really stellar comedians to talk about the female (and sometimes male) experience regarding sexuality and dating. It's an honestly blunt show designed to make SANE people laugh.I only knock off one star because they give away too much in their "coming up next" segments. MTV, stop it! Stop it right now! (-‸ლ) :p
Karen black This show really makes women out to be crazy disrespectful tramps.Men already disrespect us, now this takes the cake.I don't agree with the discussions. Unfortunately these women cast members are speaking for all women and it makes me sick. The younger generation of women have no self respect anymore and are having children with multiple men, don't pursue careers because they think this is all OK.What ever happened to the well respect "ladies" that wouldn't say the word "shit" if they had a mouth full, that would go on a date without putting out. This show is so disrespectful , I'm actually embarrassed and ashamed to be a woman.
milindaajawara First of all, I think that this show is amazing. Of course nobody should take what is said as real life advice but it's a great show to watch with your friends. I barely watch TV anymore but I would always tune to it when it's on. I do not believe that it is teaching girls to be sluts because it is obviously meant for a mature audience who have experienced the situations before and will not take the advice given to heart. I would recommend this show to my friends. I usually don't watch MTV because I think their shows are "stupid" but this show is an exception. Great show, love it. Openly recommend it to others.
scottsstars1253 Really don't know what MTV is doing. This is worst then TeenMom. Bunch of extremely unfunny girls who are like 24 acting like they know everything and teaching the audience basically how to be a slut. Honestly shows MTV will put ANYTHING on TV now a'days. I honestly just regret accidentally leaving my TV on MTV while I went out and gave that retarded show a view. Not a single thing on this show is funny or even true. Most of the stuff they talk about is disgusting (tampons and STD jokes?...) and when they try to make it funny they just look like dumb asses. The show looks so cheap. All done behind a green screen and horrible graphics.Please remove this crap off TV and go back to making interesting shows or music videos, Jesus Christ. Sincerely, everyone's opinion in the world.