Rick and Morty

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Released: 02 December 2013 Returning Series
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Country: United States of America
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Official Website: http://www.adultswim.com/videos/rick-and-morty

Rick is a mentally-unbalanced but scientifically gifted old man who has recently reconnected with his family. He spends most of his time involving his young grandson Morty in dangerous, outlandish adventures throughout space and alternate universes. Compounded with Morty's already unstable family life, these events cause Morty much distress at home and school.

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simpsonmcqueen Say what you want about this show but I think it still funny and shows us that we are still human. Unlike "Family Guy" or "American Dad" Rick and Morty are not afraid to let out their true feelings about themselves or other characters. The last episode of season three made me question about "Beth's" character but still there are more to look forward to the next season and I can't wait to see.
seg951 Bet animated show i've ever seen. this show is smart and clever in so many ways and of course so funny
jmherman-66219 Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon really have something special here. The show is geniusly crafted with each episode maticulously made to make you think, laugh, and cry. Its truly an adventure through time and space.
modderkakor This show is on par with South Park in terms of sheer stupidity. But, while South Park was able to ocassionally make poignant social commentary, any semblance of intelligence or skill is completely disolved. A temporary cultural phenomenon that, once jaded, is thrown to the floor and trampled as one of the worst, most inane shows ever made. I cannot wait for this day, when Rick and Morty is considered with the same lack of respect that South Park now received.Unfortunately, the majority of people are complete idiots, and find this show wildly entertaining. Unfortunately this is the same culture that elected Trump president, and the same culture that is often made fun of by the rest of the world as the dumbest people alive. This show proves the point -- Americans think fart and burp jokes are the epitome of comedy.You have to be partially brain-dead to enjoy programming like this.