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EP11 Finale and After the Final Rose Mar 25, 2024

3.2| 0h30m| TV-14| en| More Info
Released: 25 March 2002 Returning Series
Producted By: Next Entertainment
Country: United States of America
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
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A single bachelor dates multiple women over several weeks, narrowing them down to hopefully find his true love.

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Next Entertainment

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garryshw So disappointed, every season the crazy one, or the rude over aggressive on stays! First impression rose to the one that is being most aggressive, it really makes you wonder if it really is reality TV? I think it is a rating grab and the viewers are catching on!
rockoforza Not since Jake Pavelka – who had a body like his fitness star brother Jessie - has the Bachelor featured a physique like the one Sean Lowe sports this season. Lowe, 28, is a 6'3" Texan who is still built like the champion linebacker he was at Kansas State. Along with his boy-next-door good looks, his ripped body makes him one of the sexiest bachelors they have ever featured. And he knows it too.He seems happy that the show never misses an opportunity to showcase his sculpted muscles. Whether it's working out shirtless or lounging by the pool, Sean's near-perfect body is always on display. The girls on the show constantly talk about it and some even encourage him to take his shirt off when they're together. Sean has fun with an "aw shucks" attitude, but he knows his body is hot. The show's producers also know they have something America wants to see and they purposely put him in situations where going bare-chested is easy.A case in point is the latest photo shoot date where Sean and the girls posed for the covers of romance novels. With his bare torso shaved smooth and oiled to highlight every ripple, Sean can only smile as one delighted beauty runs her hands over his six-pack abs. Trying to start out slow, as a sexy cowboy, Sean wears a shirt but leaves it unbuttoned. By the end of the shoot, the women competed with each other to see who could rip it open far enough to nuzzle up against his bare skin. While the camera clicked, Sean tried to look nonchalant but casually flexed to make sure each picture showed him off at his best. After the shoot, Sean and the ladies wound up at a pool party, and there he was again in a bathing suit, giving the girls – and the rest of us at home – another chance to see his impressive physique.Sean knows his body makes him a sex object and it looks like he loves having it on display. The show is just beginning and the coming attractions have a lot of beach and pool scenes. Will we get a shot of Mr. Lowe in a speedo? Clearly, Sean wants us to stay tuned and see.
cherifa i know it is hard to hear the opinion of somebody claiming to be located in the milky way, but, as the earth is part of that solar system, it is for real.if i had to sum up this show, i would call it a dressed up meat market. romantic ideals are desperately exploited to fill up the emptiness created by the convenience lifestyle.the bachelor as a television format, is a sublime object for cultural studies, as the show mirrors the decline of a nation. how confusing can it be to shop for love on television? how confusing can it be to watch shopping for love on television?on the good side, though, it does make one ponder on what it means to be human. if this is it, i am post-human.
sababy420 Just a thought.......but not one minority bachelor/bachelorette?? I didn't even know this trash was still on, but happened to see on the internet a new London bachelor. Are u kidding? This show should be boycotted. It is absolutely ridiculous that more has not been said about the fact that this is a racist show. I believe there is a station for shows like this, FOX news, but ABC, actually the network should be boycotted. I believe I watched the first or second bachelor and then became bored to tears when it was the same crap over and over. Why not watch Days of Our Lives? At least you know its a crock of crap. Anyway, this show is clearly RACIST! But the sad thing is, ABC would put a minority on and still surround he/she with all white men/women and stereotypical minorities. It took Hollywood forever to showcase Lucy Liu, Hallie Berry, Selma Hayek or any pretty minority for that matter. sad.