John Wick

2014 "Don't set him off."
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Ex-hitman John Wick comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that took everything from him.

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spideryaman I'm already almost 4 years late to the party, and I'm surely not going to hate on this movie because, by now, people probably know what to expect prior to watching it.I've given it 5 because, come on, it's Keanu. Other than this, the story is typical. You will predict the ending after 10 minutes.It's straight up Rambo up in here; guns blazing shooting everyone on sight. I read somewhere the Wick's body count was 84. This is a lot of people to kill in about 2 hours.I'm going to watch chapter 2 anyway. Be careful not to piss off John Wick or break into his house, he once killed 3 armed men with a pencil!
richardratliff Horrible. Half way through I fell asleep on the couch. Boring. The "Russian" accents are not even close.
theresamgill Keanu Reeves will always be known for The Matrix, and this movie reunites him with his stunt double from those films who takes a shot in the director's chair. The film basically has 2 directors (and one is scheduled to direct Deadpool 2 so there's that), and since both come from a background of doing stunts from dozens of your favorite action movies, this film gets boiled down to its essence. They aren't going to try wowing you with a special plot; no, they're going to deliver high-octane action. And really it's quite successful. Keanu did some major training for the highly choreographed scenes and performs most of his own stunts, and the result pays off. Expect a high body count, and expect many of them to have some really cool kill shots. This film knows its goal is to entertain with cool, quick action, and that's exactly what it does. I will say, however, one of the best and worst parts comes from the beginning. The film honestly almost takes an Up approach of giving the audience all the exposition it needs in a small time without much dialogue at all. And I love that. But it-along with just a few action moments-gets heavy-handed. Like at one point Keanu is grabbing all his guns and gearing up, and the movie blares a rocking song about guns and killing and it feels a bit too obvious. I wasn't going to talk about the plot because, well, who cares for this film, but it leads to my other critique. The film gets a nice supporting role from Willem Dafoe and gives way too little screen time to John Leguizamo, but the plot gets going after a mob boss's son steals from John Wick and leaves him for dead. This son, Iosef, is annoyingly stereotypical. He's brash, arrogant, and above all else, completely inept. He fits the bill of all the stereotypes, and it just makes you wonder how long it will take John Keanu Reeves Wick to hunt him down. It's been awhile since an action film has had this much style to it. It overcomes typical shortcomings by thoroughly delivering in well-executed action scenes. You can find this review and dozens of others at
josepho-20322 Had this been a vehicle for a more established actor, an older actor as had been initially intended, I imagine it would have been assigned to someone like Willis or Stallone and become yet another forgettable effort lost in the twilight of their careers. Its not that there's anything wrong with either Bruce or Sly, its just that they've made an unfortunate number of mediocre films in recent years in an effort to keep themselves relevant. Willis' recent "Death Wish" folly is an example of a film that shouldn't have been made, and yet he seems all too eager to make this rip-off of an altogether superior Bronson film. Indeed Hollywood in general has developed an industry of unintelligent, one dimensional action films, most of which are lack lustre remakes, and - through the miracle of marketing - have made them disproportionately successful. The golden era which produced Dirty Harry, Rambo: First Blood andTerminator(s) 1 and 2 appeared a distant memory in the wake of the Cranks, average Expendables sequels and the never ending stream of The Fast and the Furious films. All hope seemed lost for a decent action film which had both entertaining action sequences and some measure of intelligence applied in its creation.Enter John Wick.The film weighs an apparently simplistic revenge plot against a counter balance of ironic black humour, stylish cinematography, exceptional fight choreography and a star who approaches the eopnymous charcater as though he were performing in a serious dramatic role. Keanu Reeves' class adds credibilty an sympathy to a character that wuld have appeared predictable and dull had some action has-been been cast. He invokes the quiet, underplayed menace of Bronson in his best roles while also injecting a wry sense of locaonic wit.Overall, I diodn't expect to enjoy this move as much as I did. Previously, I've found Reeves' earlier catalogue to be a litle trying, but since the Matrix he appears to have evolved into an altogether different class of actor. He brings the method intensity of a younger De Niro to roles which other actors would consider throwaway action stereotypes, and would only play them as such. Reeve's Wick is both terrifying in his capability for violent retribution and also tragic in his isolation and grief, something which surely cannot be said for Bruce Willis' Paul Kersey rip off. So if anyone is on the fence, sit down and hit play on Netflix (UK, I can't vouch for other regions). I was expecting, as I've said numerous times, a dull and over-hyped revenge flick. What I watched might just be a modern masterpiece in this genre, both in its narrative simplicity and artistic approach, and I find it hard to fault.Watch it!