The Belko Experiment

2016 "Office Space meets Battle Royale"
6.1| 1h29m| R| en| More Info
Released: 17 March 2016 Released
Producted By: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
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A group of eighty American workers are locked in their office and ordered by an unknown voice to participate in a twisted game.

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adynato The Belko Experiment. Written and produced by James Gunn, and directed by Greg Mclean. The names are not among the most famous in the film industry, but at least Gunn has taken part in the work of several famous films. So, what can you expect?The movie has a very typical thriller based plot, and after reading the description on Nexflix I was drawn to watching it. The film has good cinematography and sound, and it movies forward quickly. Still, it failed too keep me engaged because of how predictable it is. The acting and preformance was not hte best either. Because of this, the movie comes in the bundle of "basic films" , it doesn't stand out. It wasn't a amazing movie, but still worth my time.
Gareth Crook The Belko Experiment, Saw meets Battle Royale. Not a patch on either of those films, but the slightly lo-fi production really gives this an edge and it's very effective. Kill or be killed. Good guys, bad guys, really bad guys. It's a moral bloodbath!
khaleequeanwar This movie definitely is an engaging one which will keep you engage in its plot from the start But it will failed to give you what you will expect in the end. Just as flat as a worst predictable ending can be. surely , you will not get bore and as it's runtime is just one and a half hour so you will have a good time pass atleast in the first half. you can give it a try.
asom-990-387943 Worst film ever! SucksNo point nothing and sucks