The Thinning

2016 "Only the smartest will survive"
The Thinning
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In a post-apocalyptic future where population control is dictated by a high-school aptitude test, two students discover the test is smoke and mirrors hiding a larger conspiracy.

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danlikespizza And you thought taking your GCSEs were bad.This just takes it to the next level.
mldardar The flaws are typical of movies that have young main characters accomplishing impossible things. But overall, it's a good movie. I believe the people giving it ridiculously low scores saw the possibly intentional similarities between the politician and Trump, hence the false accusations against Democrats, to deflect from the fact that someone like Trump just might be for an education system like this. Some might also be Chinese trolls who can relate to the stress of their final high school exam by which the students' university choiices, thus future is determined by their score. Others giving it low scores might've been disappointed there weren't f-bombs throughout, and that there was only a scene that suggested nudity without showing any, and another where a couple only strip down to their "modest" (no thong or cheeky) underwear, And, the other group are haters of the lead male character. But the character he plays needed to be his size, and the good-guy jock type. If you don't fit any of the 3 groups I mentioned, you just might enjoy it. My wife and I both enjoyed it, and I recommended to my friends on Facebook.
johnsu-48950 I really like this idea of natural selection as it does seem to be reasonable to just keep all the smart ones. However, one thing that bothers me is that we know how some students pass because of their richness and Ellie probably failed because Blake's father disapproves of her but I am still confused to why Laina was made to fail the test. Is it because her family is poor? If that is so, why don't they get rid of her younger sister as well? Or maybe Blake told his father that she has been helping others cheat with the lenses....
Thatone Guyhmm I thought this was an average movie, but was a little slow and weak in areas. The film did have a good idea but the ending kinda contradicts the purpose of the Thinning. Also, I might have missed something somewhere, but my question I couldn't figure out is...Did the Governor (Blake's Dad) know that his son was going to be an underground slave when he corrected the "passing" and "failing" scores??? Seems like either I missed it or it is something to be explored in a sequel.