2007 "Out here, you're the endangered species..."
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An American family on holiday in Africa becomes lost in a game reserve and stalked by vicious killer lions.

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dipinj Obviously this is not an award winning movie, however it's not as bad as everyone says. There is one major point at the 40 minute mark that they could've made a correction on. Once they get the keys to the truck, the driver did not have to drive crazy and crash the truck. She simply could've drove it back onto the road and made it to safety. So from that point on the movie is excessively extended for no reason. There's a story around some poachers was just completely disconnected, and makes no sense at all. Acting not half bad. Scenes of Africa are pretty good.
J M The whole concept of this film just felt really dated. Showing lions as crazed killers that will do anything (especially if it's intimidating) to wipe out an unfortunate family just to get a redneck kick out of it.Far too late in the game, we've seen lions enough on television and know enough about them to know that's just not the kind of behaviour to expect from them.All the shots of the lions weren't aggressive in the least either, just up close images of them pawing or passively jogging with stupid digital effects trying to demonise them) Jaws got away with it but that was 40 years ago.Oh, and the idea of climbing up a tree to escape lions, was that a joke or not?! Usually I'd give this a 4 as a film that was watchable but that I'd not watch again. This time I've decided to demote it to a 2 as it quite annoyed me even though I put up with it
Leofwine_draca CUJO with lions is the plot in a nutshell for this cheap 'n' schlocky B-movie made and filmed in South Africa. The slim plot sees a stepmother and her two kids - a teenage brat and her younger, slightly less irritating brother - trapped in a car with a pride of lions outside, hungry for their flesh. The storyline evolves with lots of attempted suspense and lion attack scenes, but it all comes across as silly and superficial.I can forgive the shoddy camera-work, the cheesy effects, and the bizarre decision to give the lions some kind of 'killer vision', a la PREDATOR. I can give the annoying characters and the lack of realism. Hell, at least there are no CGI lions in this one, and there is at least one recognisable actor in the cast; namely ROBOCOP's Peter Weller, given to slumming it in B-flicks these days, it seems.But what I can't forgive is the stupidity of the characters and thus the script. In PREY, stupidity is the excuse to drive the plot forever. Time and again our protagonists could save themselves or at the very least turn the situation to their advantage, but instead they do something stupid which sends them back to square one. The worst bit is where the woman drives the jeep so badly that she crashes it; this sequence is absolutely nonsensical, and had me howling at the screen. Just what were they thinking? It's silly stuff like this that makes the film a vapid exercise in fear-building, and just once I'd like to see a B-movie where the characters are smart and can actually think for themselves.
hanslangsdorf A good movie somewhat scary. Don't look for the small detail. Because if you do you would find many awful mistakes. Just enjoy the movie as is and leave your brains in your pocket. But really if you can do that the movie was very good.The idea also seems original though far fetched. Many people have pointed out the faults. But the point is spending a good 90 minutes enjoying yourself and the predicament of certain people who are truly stupid as you see in the movie.The sub plot about the step daughter etc., was totally not required and the movie would have been shorter and tighter without it.You don't need to waver your attention from the main story which was being trapped by hungry lions and trying to escape while alive.Oh, well, most movies do have sub plots which are usually not required at all.Happy watching. I recommend it to be bought.