Ted 2

2015 "Thunder buddies for life."
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Released: 26 June 2015 Released
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Newlywed couple Ted and Tami-Lynn want to have a baby, but in order to qualify to be a parent, Ted will have to prove he's a person in a court of law.

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stevenmellier Some really good gags and ideas in the first 30 minutes, but the following Story didn't work well to me. It could have been a furious comedy
Filipe Neto After the good box-office performance of "Ted", this sequel was already predictable. It is especially recommended to those who liked the first film and especially advised against all people whose good sense and good taste prevented them from properly enjoying it. The film brings nothing new, just continuing the story of the obscene and rude teddy bear that shone in the initial film. Unfortunately, the manners and behavior of the creature have in no way improved, continuing to be the perfect mirror of a generation of teenagers with no prospects of life, no education, no manners and obsessed with everything that has to do with sex, alcohol or induce hallucinogenic states. The film is supposed to be a comedy but, viewed from this perspective, it takes on tragic and deeply unhappy contours. But I'm not surprised. I was not expecting Seth MacFarlane, a man who likes to make movies and serials with offensive and provocative humor, had suddenly turned into an Amish or something like that. But I remain in doubt whether the art of cinema needed another junk-film for its vast collection. In any case, the film has an advantage (the only one): as a social critic, it allows us all to think whether we want to be equal or better than that bear, and allows me (and others like me) to write texts like this.
loon1 Why did the lovely Amanda Seyfried get involved in this crass stuff. Never saw the first one but because it was so popular picked up this DVD. About 10 minutes into the movie I had to ask myself...when do I laugh. It just wasn't funny...in my opinion anyway. It just tried to shock. And it didn't do that to me either. I lie. I did chuckle at least twice. Amanda, please find another agent. I mean, the whole idea of a talking Teddy is nonsense so why involve serious issues like acknowledging minorities etc. And how obvious was that Morgan Freeman cameo. I doubt he was ever within 1000 miles of the furry hero when his scene was shot.
Muhammad_ND When I saw they were coming up with a sequel for "Ted", I was, well, not exactly looking forward to more of the raunchiness and overblown use of expletives. Here, they keep things colorful but manage to infuse some deeper thoughts and emotions to give it a stronger heart, and the results are successful.Opening with Ted's wedding and the absurdity behind such a relationship, MacFarlane throws in a magnificent reminder of what cinema can be, with a musical number that explodes with creativity and is a great tribute to some of cinema's golden days. Berkeley is back in full color, and it's a lot of fun. From that moment on, we know "Ted 2" si going beyond constant sexual references, and this time we will be dealing with the problems with being rejected, being an outsider, feeling disrespected, and most importantly, treated like an object.There are references to contemporary issues all the times, and the fun thing in the movie is that challenges the audience to use both their brains and their hearts, without forgetting whose dialogue is used to convey these ideas. Ted and company are not delicate, and they love booze, drugs, and trashy comebacks. It's that this time, they're not the spotlight. It's not a cute transformation, just a softer incarnation of what the characters have been. Yes, there is stupidity, but it's not overwhelming like it was in the original. Instead it is used in layers, and within references to other classic films, characters, and important political issues. Yes, there are offensive words, but there is a stronger heart here.We have attorneys of all types, and we see how each kind is well, not perfect, and that makes the movie fun, and even a reference to Freeman's voice reminds us how wonderful an asset to cinema for the last 30 years. We can also see some stabs at pop culture, throughout their visit to the comic convention which reminds us of how fickle a civilization is, and how we take so much for granted.Ted might be stuffed animal that came to life through love, and though he learned some subversive and impolite manners along the way, he has a strong bond to those he loves and respects. He's more of a human than some of the characters in the audience, and this time his message is mirroring contemporary situations, and some people might not be comfortable with the idea. It's funny how love, even with Ted's perspective, can conquer it all and still wink at us while it happens.It's not a perfect movie, but a sure improvement over the original. I'm still amazed at how real his expressions are. I have seen Oscar winning actors who can't even come close to showing emotions the way this bear did.